Jardin de Borneo Gardenia  
Sultan Pasha (2015)

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Jardin de Borneo Gardenia  by Sultan Pasha

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Jardin de Borneo Gardenia is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Sultan Pasha

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Reviews of Jardin de Borneo Gardenia by Sultan Pasha

There are 3 reviews of Jardin de Borneo Gardenia by Sultan Pasha.

Beautiful White Floral that shows best on Masculine Skin with it's stripe of Galbanum and Lavender Sandal softness, while Moonlit Reverie is a Grape Bubblegum Musky White Floral that reminds me of the pleasant Laundry Detergent of the 60's having it flatter the Feminine body.

I hate to repeat myself with every SP review , so I will just get this out of the way...it's another SP perfectly structured and blended masterpiece created with the highest quality ingredients...starts out with nacotic smelling flowers and then an exquisite oud rises up and becomes the anchor for all the other performers...feels humid...nice hint of civet adds just the right touch of animal to this magical brew...besides the abundane of notes working their way through this , the oud is one of those that has a multitude of notes within itself...a nice overall subtle sweetness...there's a ton of stuff going on , but throughout, the notes that most catch my attention are: gardenia/jasmine/oud/civet/sandalwood/tonka...would say, I like this a lot , but I think this one is very yin and more suited for the ladies...I would love to smell this on my wife...

For Sultan Pasha this one is definitely more feminine and more wearable for me. It opens with a beautiful sunny sharp sweet feminine floral chypre underpinned with a hint of warm almond biscuits. It settles after 5 minutes or so and shimmers gloriously for the next 5 hours or so even surviving a shower. I love it! I can't separate the notes too easily but if it's gardenia then it's lovely. Can't smell any screechy jasmine.....which I don't like....and it doesn't fug up with heavy incense. Fabulous and for me one of the best of his!

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