Japanese Cherry Blossom fragrance notes

  • Head

    • asian pear, fuji apple
  • Heart

    • japanese cherry blossom, butterfly lily, kyoto rose, mimosa petals, hedione
  • Base

    • vanilla rice, imperial amber, silk musk, cinnamon incense, himalayan cedarwood, creamy sandalwood

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I have the older version; not the 2011 one. It's a fruity floral. Nothing outstanding. Wearable for everyday. The plum, pear, and apple aren't obnoxious. Tuberose, lily, and cherry blossom in the middle are delicate. The base is lacking. I get a hint of sandalwood, musk, and vanilla. The base is overpowered with cedar. Cedar, in my opinion, can kill a base, if too much is there.

Longevity is short here - about 2 1/2 hours.

This is the first scent by Bath and Body Works I have tried. Probably the last.

Over all I give this about two and a half stars. But hey! It was a gift - I'll wear it. :0)
25th March 2018
Admittedly, I used to hate this scent when I first smelled it. After a few years, I went and gave it another chance since I learned it was the most popular scent in the B&BW franchise.

I fell in love with the scent the second time I tried, and I have been a repeater for the body cream for it ever since. I have honestly gone through at least 3 tubes of the body cream.

Unfortunately, the smell is not very popular with my grandmother or my mother, who both cannot handle strong smells. The staying power is not really great throughout the day, but when put on, the scent is pretty strong. The scent is not for everyone.

It smells much better on me than in the bottle, so I cannot really recommend it to others since I do not know how it will smell on them.
I use this in the colder months of the year. Personally I think it is a bit too heavy for the warmer ones.

It is a sort of oriental floral scent, and not too sweet. This is good for me since I do not like super sweet scents.
16th March 2014

This fragrance (and its lotion) has been awarded as one of the best cheap scents out there by Allure's Beauty Awards, so I went to try it. I slathered on some of the body butter and took a spritz of the EDT (not the EDP), and the fragrance is remarkably well-blended... I didn't find it distinctive enough to warrant a purchase, but the ever-so-slight cherry, and very light sandalwood, was nice enough. There was no particular "musk" or "exotic" factor to it, off of my skin. I think the case is that it disappeared to my nose, and will be trying it again soon, based on the over reviews here -- perhaps a second chance around will win me over.
24th September 2009
This is an amazingly complex and balanced fragrance for what it is...an excellent floral choice for those of us who don't usually like florals! Clean and soft without being cloying or overly powdery, probably due to the well chosen woods at the base. Available in many, many formulations for both personal and home fragrance. Bath products are a nice non-clashing solution for wearers of most woody oriental fragrances.
27th May 2009
I love this fragrance...It is sexy, sensual, warm, and intriguing. On me it is a blend of luscious oriental/ woodsy florals. I can't get enough of this scent. The notes blend beautifully and it seems to last on me. It smells clean and is soft and light. The longevity stays consistent from beginning to end. It is spicy, exotic, and enchanting . I couldn't stop smelling my wrist after spraying this on myself...very interesting the way the middle and base notes come together...just lovely.
1st January 2009
I liked this very much when I first tried it, and purchased a bottle of the EDT. But...after wearing it for a couple of weeks, I found it too "plastic-y" smelling and gave it away. The lotion is very nice, however, and doesn't seem to have the same funk of the EDT. Haven't yet smelled the EDP - maybe it's an improvement.
9th August 2008
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