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There are 6 reviews of Jannat by Memo.

Jannat - Memo
A fuzzy yet clean soapy&cotton musk perfume with a nice watery zesty orangey-quality to it and a milky-vanilla soft-balsamic 'bubblegum' dryout with a nice warm expression. Somehow feels like the smell of sleepingbag after just waking up in a tent with the sun beating on it early in the morning: it radiates comfort, cozyness and safety.

you should know that recent Jannat changed its formula. Old bottle(transparent one) is neroli-musky but recent bottle(white china) is just hideous grapefruit juice. My thumbs up is for old Jannat.

Starts off with a blast of slightly bitter yet refreshing petitgrain and neroli. The citrus is subtle. About an hour in I detect what other reviewers call saltiness; to me, it's more akin to a sticky suntan lotion note minus the usual coconut. I suspect this is the love child of the frangipani and clary sage (a note which, when on its own, is generally rather sharp and medicinal). The musk also starts peeking out, and starts clobbering the other notes... Deer tongue (liatrix) ties it together with its counarin sweetness and simultaneous bitterness, keeping this blend sophisticated. Tonka has not yet fully emerged, but I suspect it's used in low enough quantities to provide additional warmth and depth rather than sweetness. Pleasant, but not sure how I feel about this one yet. I almost wish there was an actual salt note in here to balance the musk.

Jannat opens with a floral, powdery, slightly salty bouquet, really dense and nostalgic in its sumptuous and somehow neoclassic mood, with nice bergamot and neroli notes, and a peculiar hesperides note halfway milky and waxy – I guess due to petitgrain, providing a sort of creamier citrus note. The floral accord is rich and decently made, it also has nice honey-pollen notes, and also shows a carnal side with a slightly sticky chypre base mixed to a silky breeze all over (like violet or even rose). Woody-balsamic base. Basically an interesting, pleasant, elegant darker citrus scent enriched by a musky warmth provided by petitgrain and other humid chypre notes. Sadly it becomes lighter and thinner really quickly, as long as it lasts (lately most niche scents are really depressing from this point of view...) it's nice and refined.


Basically this is a citrusy musk for women. Well it would be, if it wasn't for the overriding saltiness of the fragrance -- think of a sweeter Sel de Vetiver. I think the saltiness works as well here as it does with SDV -- drifting in and out of the picture and always enhancing the powderiness. Men should try.

A dazzling and radiant fruity-floral extremely feminine, airy and musky, with its uncompromising white floral natural (indolic) aroma. A citrusy well calibrated opening joins its juicy effect with the petitgrain, a starring Frangipani-neroli, over a powdery (tonka) and musky white base. The indolic and mellow temperament is sensual and smells like those kind of feminine milky-floral detergents or moisturizers anti age creams with a sort of natural victorian (finally a bit un-alcoholic and almost neutral) temperament. Vaguely i catch a sort of simil-waxy kind of whiff that is extremely floral, orangy and musky. The straighforward natural vibe is so botanic to smell slightly dissonant, a bit creamy and almost acid (like addle-mellow floral leaves). The liatrix's presence of the base empowers the general floral vibe. The only complaint is for the limited complexity, the final slightly stuck floral linearity and the not-articulated sophistication. Durable and with a great projection.

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