Jaïpur Homme Limited Edition 
Boucheron (2013)


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Reviews of Jaïpur Homme Limited Edition by Boucheron

There are 3 reviews of Jaïpur Homme Limited Edition by Boucheron.

Tolerable. The top notes look wretched (to my taste): aquatic, melon and clove. The fact that I don't detest the scent means that these notes are very mild (or attenuated). Spices -- sorta. Amber and vanilla -- not really noticeable. Actually, the scent throughout (based on its specs) should be ghastly (to my taste). So, what is it for me?
A mild, vaguely "fresh" scent, light and inoffensive. That's about it.
Nov 15, 2015

Not really worth the time or money, in my opinion. This version of Jaipur will most likely disappoint devotees of the original, while failing to create the atmosphere needed to please fans of true aquatic and ozonic fragrances. I find the whole concoction a little awkward and nauseating. You have the DNA of the original (the spices and the powdery, floral vanilla) serving as the fragrance's foundation, and it's embellished at the top with an ozonic, calone-y melon note. This aspect is rough, almost crudely synthetic, and it feels forced in relation to its pairing with the base. Rather than presenting something striking or novel, Jaipur 2013 creates a clumsy, discordant scent. It's almost as if you accidentally layered two fragrances together. Is this supposed to be casual or formal? Fresh and fun, or opulent and luxurious? It opens with its abrasive version of "fresh," but at the same time the oriental qualities inherent in the original begin to emerge. What results is a fragrance that never feels fresh enough for the heat, or sufficiently committed to succeed as an oriental. After the aquatic top notes wear off, about an hour or so in, you're left with an anemic, residual shell of the original, and a couple of grievous questions: What the hell was going on in the beginning, and why'd I have to endure all that just to get here? Perhaps if more time was spent in refining the aquatic top, and greater attention paid to blending it with the heart and base, this would have worked. But the summer notes seem rushed, and they transition poorly to the others.

Thumbs down.
Feb 20, 2015

Blue/green spicy freshness
Fruity/aquatic (just minimally metallic and with a smooth dry down) new Jaipur's version which effectively strikes for the usual (for the brand) elegance with its light and almost minty cocktail of spices (a huge amount of mild exotic spices), cool green melon, aquatic notes and aromatic herbs (a touch of fresh mint?) all placed over a bed of white woods and soothing amber. This Jaipur's limited and "airy" summery edition smells indeed about fresh melon, aromatic notes, light amber-mild woods-vanilla (namely the Jaipur's landmark) and smooth dreamy spices as cinnamon for instance. The faint initial metallic vibe is finally neutralized by the winding capote of balsams and woods. Fresh and clean with a daring touch of exoticism for fashionable new dynamic joung offsprings. Classy and with a light (but tenacious) modern wave.
Pros: Smooth and airy
Cons: Slightly irony (though in a limited way)"
Aug 16, 2013

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