Jaïpur Bracelet fragrance notes

    • Petitgrain, green violet leaves, verbena Basil, hyacinth, lily of the valley, cypress, iris

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Jaïpur Bracelet is shy in the streets, sexy in the sheets. Love this fragrance, it is both delicate yet powerful, pungent yet light. It is very grown up, very feminine, very womanly in a mature but young way, like a lady, a push lady. I can't imagine this fragrance offending anyone's nose bjt that doesn't mean it's automatically boring, this is definitely an alluring clean jasmine scent. It is not a fragrance people can smell as soon as you walk in the room. Jaïpur Bracelet call to mind a mid-century modern home, all glass and white on white, belonging to a commanding woman with a smooth, severe bun at her nape, a beautifully tailored suit, and all angels, ambition, and bottom line.

It is a multi faceted perfume. Do not let the simple composition mentioned above trick you. It is one of the kind that you can not detect the notes only try guessing which will be probably wrong. The transition from note to note, flower to flower leaves no trace. I love the green dewy notes in Jaïpur Bracelet. The result is like sex on a bed with freshly washed white sheets, right after a shower. This scent is a magnificent elegance on the right person whose chemistry can support and nurture. Soft enough for daytime/work, but it had enough sillage, presence and character for night-time wear. Longevity is good on my skin, 7 hours of wear with a soft sillage which feels like an aura of clean greeness.
6th June 2022
It's beautifully light and herbal. Basil and cypress gives it a calm, aromatic scent. At first I thought that it's a bit similar to Pure Poison, so I tried them side by side - and yes, they have their similarities. Pure Poison seemed better executed and smoother to me, but I enjoyed Jaïpur Bracelet's scent profile a bit more. A great and delicate daytime scent.
However - at least with my 5 ml mini bottle - I could feel hints of alcohol when applying it. When I dabbed it slightly, the scent was very sheer and fleeting. But when I dabbed heavily, it was a bit headache-inducing to me and made me sneeze. It was quite hard to apply it just right.
Because of these issues I gave it away. I might rebuy it in the future, who knows, as it really is a pretty perfume, but so far I don't miss it yet.
14th October 2019