Jailia fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, mandarin, herbs, peach, strawberry, blackberry
  • Heart

    • chocolate, caramel, vanilla
  • Base

    • heliotrope, patchouli, amber

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Latest Reviews of Jailia

Would you want a weak ANGEL (MUGLER) copy in a plain cheapo ugly bottle. AND on top of that Pay a whooping $160 for it too!!? This is actually very rude. And then call it niche perfume even!! Offensive to try to cheat people of money for a weak ANGEL-clone. I hope this prevents some customers to get ripped off :(
28th April 2011
What Vibert and Moss said, except that I find it to be very patchouli-prominent as well.
24th August 2009

Vibert's review is spot on. Not a genre that I like or wear, but there is something gorgeous about this. Rich tropical fruits, honey, vanilla, and chocolate. Not overly sweet though. It is much more sophisticated than it's counterparts on the market. Though I won't buy this for myself, I would highly recommend to those that like this type of scent.
16th July 2009