J'Adore Infinissime 
Christian Dior (2020)

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Reviews of J'Adore Infinissime by Christian Dior

There are 3 reviews of J'Adore Infinissime by Christian Dior.

Let's have the hyperventilating PR copy first: ‘An endless burst of flowers that diffuse infinitely… J'adore becomes infinitely sensual, just like its infinite trail.' To infinity and beyond, babes. Someone (I forget whom) once bemoaned how the Milky Way and Mars had been reduced to chocolate bars by the advertising and PR machinery driving consumer culture. Here it's infinity's turn to become a standard white floral, shading from a green jasmine to a corpulent tuberose in its progression, with accents of butter, hazelnut praline and something vaguely vomitous. Nice enough from a distance, just don't get too close. Until the monotony of the drydown, which truly feels like an infinity – but of a sort that is like having to endure a kid's tantrum at the checkout sweeties display for ever and ever.
May 28, 2021

J'adore's plastic flowers are bad enough but this is ten times worse.
In this lamentable flanker they're covered by algae, toffee, cat fur and ash, and trod into a mouldy carpet.
It makes me wanna puke.
Jan 6, 2021

I like it. I got the sample from my significant other who didn't like it. To me, it's a floral fragrance, and I tend to like flowers like this. She seems to dislike anything with Tuberose, and I tend to like anything with tuberose.

I had tested Guerlain's Joyeuse Tubéreuse, which I liked, and this reminds me of that.
Oct 26, 2020

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