Jacomo for Men fragrance notes

  • Head

    • lemon, black pepper, pineapple leaf
  • Heart

    • dried plum, nutmeg, chilli, coffee
  • Base

    • vetiver, tonka bean, amber

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Jacomo for Men is a luscious scent that is reminescent of pineapple upsidedown cake together with a boozy accord. It is decadent the very best that money can buy. It is hedonistic epicurean and comforting all at the same time.It makes you drift away to another time another world another lifestyle.

In fact, Jacomo for Men is an exquisite little symphony of a fragrance. The fruit lasts a lot longer than I thought it would. Now the sweetness of the fruit is blending with the coffee and spices and it has almost a smokiness to it. This has been such a fun scent to try and figure out. Definitely not linear. Sometimes scents can smell like a big hot mess when this many notes are listed but in this case they work beautifully together like the ebb and flow of ocean waves. This does not scream "Look at me". This seductively lures you over. Really a treat for the senses!
14th September 2022
Spicy, barbershopy at times undeniably masculine without smelling like tar or petroleum products.
It is one you would have to explore for yourself because it is reminiscent of many old school fare. Can easily become a signature scent.
25th June 2022

Mediocre.. very mediocre at best. Almost thumbs down really. Pineapple? Miniscule.. A little bit of a very poor pineapple note in the opening, mixes with a very poor coffee note, a lot of cedar, pepper, lavender. Smells very common, and like Sir Slarty, it reminds me of Gucci Envy as well, but no where near as good. The first time I tried this on.. I kept thinking I've smelled this somewhere before. Around the middle notes, it really begins to smell like Jacomo Aura, which.. reminds me of Gucci Envy, as those 2 fragrances are sort of similar. Jacomo for Men is in no way a pineapple fragrance, nor a coffee one. It's a simple mix of woods and spices, it's boring and played out. Glad somebody sent me a sample and I didn't waste the few bucks blind buying it and then trying to swap or sell it.. cheapies are hard to get rid of. This is not a recommended fragrance by me, save your money and get something else.
29th April 2014
Jacomo for Men (Jacomo Silver) is a really unique spicy masculine scent, with notes of pimento, ginger, pepper,and a touch of dried plum and pineapple. As it wears on, you smell some vetiver and tonka bean and amber. Minimal sweetness makes it stand out from most of the current mass market designer these days.

This one has it all. Refined, complex and mature for sure, but does not smell like an old man. Excellent longevity too. To me, this scent evokes confidence and power, especially early on. For those who want to smell like a man and not a fresh fruit salad. I consider this best for evenings, cold weather and at least semi-formal attire. No more than 1-2 sprays, it is powerful. Original and a superb deal.
22nd November 2011
Pretty good. I was reminded of Gucci Envy for Men with a powdery peppery smell but lacking punch. Also this is much more crisp and sharp, and then it mellows down into something similar to Chanel Allure Homme's drydown of tonka bean and amber. Kinda classy scent but lack a certain something to make it stand out.
17th December 2010
as stated previously,if you love the sharper in your face scent (le male,desire) this ain't for you.a skin scent indeed as it stays close and does not project. similiar to silver shadow but cheaper.great notes of pineapple,plum and veviter, but all i get is the pepper, amber and tonka. an extreme version is needed.
26th January 2009
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