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Jacomo (1980)

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Reviews of Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo

There are 52 reviews of Jacomo de Jacomo Original by Jacomo.

I wore JdJ in high school in the early 80's and returned to it solely for reasons of nostalgia. To my surprise, it is nostalgic yet modern. The only fragrance from my past (Chanel pour Monsieur, Heritage, e.g. (both beautiful!) that doesn't feel dated). It's Eucris, yes, but even darker. It's bay rum clove meets aromatic fougere scorpionic oak moss slow burn hypnotism. Pulsates off the chest without offending. Quietly but observantly waiting for you when all the others have spent themselves trying too hard.
May 19, 2021

TLDR: Good (3.25/5). Smoke, cloves & dry flowers. So much of its time that it seems cutting edge and niche now.

Brooks Otterlake's review mentions clove cigarettes. Exactly! I remember when Indonesian clove cigarettes came into style at the college I was attending. Friends smoked them. This fragrance does indeed smell remarkably like a burning clove cigarette.

The middle of the progression here introduces cinnamon. There is also a geranium note, but things are so dry in this scent that the floral note is dry and brittle. The patchouli in the dry down is also nice.

This is a well blended scent. Whatever is standing in for the oakmoss here is doing a pretty convincing job, particularly in the company of the other elements of the scent.

There are moments here where this fragrance reminds me of Santos de Cartier and even YSL Jazz. At other times, this scent is very idiosyncratic and smells like nothing else. It also smells like the times in which it was introduced. This is utterly early 1980s in its complex structure. Yet were some house to introduce this today, I suspect they would get praise for producing a remarkable cutting-edge niche retro fragrance. The interesting note breakdown makes this scent unique and worth wearing even 40+ years after its introduction.

Bottle is emblematic of its era, but nice enough. The atomizer on my bottle is poor.

Reviewed from a full bottle after many wearings.

Well worth a try for lovers of old-style classic fragrances.
Apr 17, 2021

I have the Original version with the blue font. Blind purchased two 100 mil bottles for £20, So happy. Has a spicy minty quality similar to Drakkar But much better,The lavender is dry and peppery and The clove Blends so well,Possibly one of my favourite 5 Spicy deep frags, And blends well with opium original for women and also Quorum ,It's classy manly and lasts so long
Mar 28, 2021

I stumbled onto this on a blind buy (decant) frag spree. Oh, it's great to be lucky. This has quickly worked it's way into my go-to rotation. It transcends very well as a masculine light heavyweight powerhouse. Not timid but doesn't go for the choke hold. And it's so reasonable, even a full bottle blind buy is a relatively easy prospect.
Feb 9, 2021

Clint Eastwood in a denim shirt, suede waistcoat,loose trousers and a western hat,arrives the cafe and sits in a corner and he's relaxing with a Cuban cigar and dry martini...and he suddenly realize that the greatest things in life are those little luxurious.Classic masculine fougere in a fantastic price.woody,leathery, aromatic, earthy,complex,spicy, smokey, classic and sophisticated.

Cloves,oakmoss,galbanum and musk, such a powerful combination with the patchouli being most precious of all notes.the patchouli is smokey,while the leather evokes a beautifully bound book or an elegant leather-topped writing desk.these notes bolstered by smokey spices,moss and something like grassy vetiver and musl.it's pretty soapy but the kind of soap one would expect in an exclusive barbershop or the en-suite of a gentleman's country manor.

It's the kind of fragrance that ruled the 80's,when fragrances were uber masculine and unisex acquatics were non-existent. overpowering but it smells deep, dark and absolute classy that conveys a kind of powerful maturity.this is not a scent that would wear well on a young welp of a man.it's best for occasions of formality,important meetings or socializing perhaps with cigars and fine whisky with other canvivial gentlemen.
Jan 29, 2021

Surrounded by a sea of insecure, hostile candyland niche frags, reeking of jelly donuts and vanilla candles, Jacomo de Jacomo stands alone on the hill raising his fist high and proud. Zero sweetness, 100% black awesomeness.

Jacomo doesn't need your attention, he demands it.

4.5 stars.
Sep 17, 2020

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