Ivymoss fragrance notes

    • Climbing Ivy, Green Tea, Spearmint, Lime Rind, Lemon Verbena, Waterlily, Emerald Cypress, Mugo Pine, Cedarwood, Oakmoss, Treemoss, Cedarmoss

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Sampling Pineward Perfumes Ivymoss, one of a recent quintet of spring/summer releases, densely green and woody, fittingly with a mossy vibe, a dewy greenness but darkly achieved, ranging from sharp spearmint and lemon verbena to darker woods. It blends some freshness and brightness with a bit of dank, woody density, that’s mostly pleasant but also challenging in a fun way. This feels like it runs the range from something fresher to something to dark, spanning the attributes of the house, largely, and it serves a fun companion to the fresher EDT offerings in the same collection.

Unlike most of the other recent releases, Ivymoss has darker juice, compounded in extrait concentration, and is priced at $205/135 for 57/37ml, a bit higher than the EDT pricing common to some of the house’s fresher fragrances. Overall, I quite like it, even if it’s not among my favorites in the line.

7 out of 10
6th June 2023