Ivy Musk 
Burberry (2018)

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Ivy Musk by Burberry

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Ivy Musk is inspired by lush forests, a rich labrynth of wet and potent bark and mineral streams, reflecting the beauty of the great British outdoors.

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Reviews of Ivy Musk by Burberry

There are 3 reviews of Ivy Musk by Burberry.

Beautiful & powerful animalic musk that starts very raw and gradually settles down into a most enjoyable olfactory experience.

Thumbs up!

I bought this coz I really wanted to know how musk smells like. Coz frankly, I can't detect/smell musk in ordinary perfumes. Anosmia?

Soo when I saw Ivy Musk with it emphasizing 35% on the label, I quickly grab 1. Testing this with applying 1 spritz on skin and another on shirt in a hot humid tropical climate.

On skin - I can detect a hard to describe likeable scent. It is not a green or floral or woody type of smell. It is more of a "feeling" when sniffing Ivy Musk. It feels like your body is wrapped in a thick cozy old/dated blanket? An invisible comfy blanket. Also I can detect a faint smell of something that feels dirty-ish? Anyway, aside from that faint dirty smell, it is very addictive coz I always keep on sniffing my skin. Also personally I think it smells better when I'm sweating. Somehow sweating makes Ivy Musk more alive. Longevity is great coz it can easily covers 8 hours though half of it was as a skin scent. I suspect skin type may contribute as a factor (I have oily skin).

On shirt - it smells a bit toned down and 1 dimensional/linear. It is not as exciting compared to spraying it directly on skin.

Definitely a keeper in my collection.

1st Update - This stuff is very potent. Don't spray on shirt coz it's still there even after 2 or 3 cyles of washing. Eventhough I'm kinda like it, I don't want to smell it everyday though. Personally, Ivy Musk is not something I would want to wear on daily basis. Smells great during sunny and hot sweating days but smells bad during wet and damp rainy days.

2nd Update - the dirty & unpleasant smell seems more noticeable and becomes dominant when I sniff the nozzle spray.

This is an extremely potent musk perfume. (At 35% concentration, it's rendered an extract)

It's so intoxicating, overwhelming, ugly but beautiful at the same time. I wish there was a 2% concentration of this. I think it'd be wearable? You will only need the smallest dab of this! So so strong and powerful.

Highly recommended for fans of animatic fragrances, this is like no other!

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