Italian Cypress 
Tom Ford (2008)

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Reviews of Italian Cypress by Tom Ford

There are 67 reviews of Italian Cypress by Tom Ford.

This fragrance feels mature. It's soooo smooth, and warm is the word that comes to mind. Not to say that this is a cool weather scent; I wear it year round. And if it matters to you, this one gets the most spontaneous compliments of any in my wardrobe, next to Sycomore. Absolutely adore thís one.
Aug 22, 2021

A case of a fragrance unicorn actually being worth the hype (some of it, anyway), this is a gorgeous Z-14 riff that takes that DNA in a dark, smoky, woody direction. (Floris 1962 takes the same DNA but goes more citric/green.) The result is more spellbinding and fascinating, if less wearable, than the Halston original, and surely ranks among the best of the everything-old-is-new-again powerhouse revival fragrances to be released by a luxe-niche house as a statement-making object d'art.

In a way, the smoky, spicy darkness and the powerhouse overtone makes this a Noir Anthracite predecessor, though it has nothing of Noir Anthracite's biomechanical tone.
Jul 13, 2021

I like the profile this is aiming for, but it is way too thick and heavy to carry the name, "Italian".

This should be called, "French Cypress".

Because I wish it was more aromatic, like the true 'Italian' style...
Jul 4, 2021

Imagine walking up to a grand mansion in rural Italy.the long,unpaved driveway is lined with formidable towers of green trees.rising up every few feet or so,the trees act as sentinels of the mansion.with the crunch of gravel beneath your feet,you smell the tree's mild scent of cypress.

It scent has a citrus and herbal green out,but as soon few minutes go it's turning into a deeper fragrance are presenting woody notes,then linger into the pleasantly soapy dry down.creates with skin chemistry some crazy natural's synthetic notes to my's for the masculine man,no doubt, not at all unisex.the dry down is lovely.a woody,green and earthy aromatic scent.

The fragrance is simply great and full of body,the expression of the alpha male in every drop of the reminds me of YSL Jazz&Ralph Lauren Polo.This is essentially how male fragrances smelled in the classic,powerful but not necessary offensive.the scent is not for the sport,or acqua scent dudes,this is the real deal.manhood in a bottle. definitely for the fall season. decent sillage,projection and longevity.
Jan 17, 2021

The younger brother of the venerable Polo by Ralph Lauren. That one was a green/ fresh/ piney/ collegiate all-American preppy. This new Tom Ford was raised in the Continent in the manner of Roman "la dolce vita." Suave, urbane, and endowed with a considerable dose of "sprezzatura" as only the Italians have. They are kin, but not alike.
A perfectly balanced and invigorating mix of citrus and basil opens this wonderful juice, then quickly segues into the dominant green and refreshing cypress note that lingers all the way to the end. Mint colors the pine a little, then the drydown becomes woody and a little powdery.

This is a fresh/ cypress green/ aromatic and woody fragrance that smells wonderful!
By far one of the better Tom Fords around. It's a shame it got discontinued. Scour the internet to get one, if you can.

Tenacious and clingy. With moderate sillage. This is one beautiful Italian.

Highly recommended!
May 27, 2020

Cypress. Aromatic. Minty. Spicy. Dry, with just a hint of something sweet, probably from the citrus in the background, it doesn't bug me. This is a really well blended mature feeling fragrance. It does evoke my scent memory of cypress trees next to my childhood home. It has a bit of incensy woody notes that smell good to me, but could irritate the more fragile noses out there. It is reminicint of Z14 and Cosmair Polo. If you like those it is a pretty good bet you'll like this as well. Like an updated version of those. Thumbs up from me.

Wore it again, still feels like Polo. Just add a bit of incense or cypress, or something. Its good. Vintagy.
Nov 2, 2019

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