Italian Citrus 
D.S. & Durga (2011)

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Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga

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Italian Citrus is a men's fragrance launched in 2011 by D.S. & Durga

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Reviews of Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga

There are 8 reviews of Italian Citrus by D.S. & Durga.

Sharp, bitter citrus with a fascinatingly dry texture. Bracingly natural, evoking what you might get if you ran lemon and mandarin rind on your skin, before settling into a woody texture.


I find this to be much more green than citrus. On me, I mostly smell peppery clary sage, made sharp with vetiver. The citrus hums quietly on top, adding lift and sweetness without pulling much attention. After seeing that this lists violet leaf, I can pick it out, acting as a sort of a link between the sage and vetiver, while the ambrette seems to be performing a bit of an illusion, making everything feel a bit distanced, like the vetiver and citrus are at the other end of an icy hallway.

I can't help but enjoy this, as it combines many of my favorite elements in a way that I haven't smelled before, though there seems to be a rather steep decline in strength after the sage fades that will likely disappoint people looking for good longevity.

On opening you smell a nice combination of lemon and mandarin orange citrus that is juicy and bright. Shortly after there is an abrasive light note, violet, that adds some disruption to the smoothe bell toned ring of the citrus. Other than for character I don't know why this note is here because it is a disruptive presence as the scent is strongly influenced by cooling dry violet and dry rasp of musk ambrette. This plus the other woods in the base add a dry woody finish which separates this citrus scent from its opening warmth. This is a very different take on a summer citrus that I like overall but recommend testing before buying.

The opening blast is citrus-based, with a tart orange note with hints of lemon being modified by the chinotto impression such as to add some somber darkness that provides the top notes with an interesting twist. This is not a bright and fresh citrus, but a darker fresh-ish citrus combination.

In the drydown slightly herbal feelings are match with gently balsamic undertones, to which a ambery tone is added in the base. The balsamic side is gentle only, and the amber a bit dull. Whiffs of an earthy dustiness briefly shine through in the later phases.

The sillage is on the softer side and the projection initially good, but after the first hour or two it remains very close to my skin, and I have to dig my nose deep into it to notice the development of this scent. The total longevity is four hours.

This is a slightly unusual citrus fragrance, with the usual limits in performance that are typical for this genre. It is not without its creative touches, so I am scoring it at the lowest end of the positive range. 3/5.

Italian Citrus is a citrus blend coupled with musk and an undefined sweetness, perhaps brought on by the mandarin orange, that reminds me of fig, though fig itself is nowhere found in the note breakdown. A unisex citrus warm-weather fragrance that might have a lot of appeal to different people but nonetheless does not sit well on my skin, where it comes off a little old and feminine.

Longevity and projection are decent, though, for a fragrance that seems to lean toward warm-weather usage. Still, this is another example of a D.S. & Durga EDP that strikes me as a bit pricey for what it is (at the standard cost of $145 for 50ml). Only their heavier options have so far (Bowmakers, Burning Barbershop) have struck me as potentially worthwhile at this price point. Nonetheless, intriguing to try.

6 out of 10

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