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Istanbul by Gallivant

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An Orientalist’s fantasy expressed in a modern script.

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Reviews of Istanbul by Gallivant

There are 2 reviews of Istanbul by Gallivant.

On first smelling, my immediate thought was, "what a pleasant, well-supported oud scent". It's therefore interesting to see that no oud is listed in the ingredients. There's certainly a heavy-ish spicy resonance (perhaps resin-ance) to it. It doesn't change much over the course of the day, but it really is consistent. In composition it hits a lots of Goldilocks zones, being "just right" along many parameters. Prominent notes are vanilla, myrrh, and patchouli. It probably works as a genuine unisex, and might be recommended for those who like the idea of oud but find the real thing oppressive.

On another testing: an evident amber of good quality.

Istanbul rounds out my sampling of the first six offerings from Gallivant Perfumes, and Istanbul is clearly the most cold-weather-friendly of the lot. Like Amsterdam, it's primarily resinous but also has sweet elements (vanilla, tonka) and a spicy mix of geranium, patchouli, lavender, and mostly regionally interestingly, cardamom. The result is a blend that's very agreeable and does not hit the extreme highs and lows of sweetness and spiciness; it flirts with being a gourmand while never quite being fully so. It also seems to be a nod to the currently-popular rose/oud combo fragrances without being on itself.

Surely the superlative performer of the line, Istanbul boasts strong projection with only a few weak squirts of the atomizer samples on each arm, and boasts superior longevity to pretty much the rest of the line, and certainly this adds to its value, making the $95 for 30ml pricing for a full bottle seem more palatable than it otherwise might.

For my money, on scent alone, Berlin remains my favorite of the line, but certainly, Istanbul is in the mix, and certainly is the winter choice.

7 out of 10

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