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Issara by Parfums Dusita

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Issara is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Parfums Dusita

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Reviews of Issara by Parfums Dusita

There are 14 reviews of Issara by Parfums Dusita.

Imagine the most discreet tobacco, elegant and slightly caramellic along with fresh hay.the quality of the ingredients and refinement of the composition make Issara wearable. it's classy,it's inviting in a very sophisticated does not scream "All Come Here",but it sends the invation only for the VIPs.

Opens with aromatic and fresh notes of hay.then the herbal qualities of the soft and savory sage blend in perfectly with tobacco and woody notes.the more sweet notes of vanilla and amber are also present in the background adding structure,but they don't really come out to play until the dry down's great for fall, spring,even summer evenings/ nights.i get 4-5 hours of longevity with a half hour or so of good sillage.

It's interesting how some websites list tobacco as a note in this, while others don't. Regardless, this is a coumarin bomb to me, reflective of a "freshly cut hay" accord. I get pine and green notes supporting this, and maybe something vaguely indicative of tobacco if I try ... or maybe I'm just wishing it were there.

A fantastic scent for mid to late fall, in my opinion. Just an overall autumnal, rustic, woodsy feel, without ever becoming too sweet. A big winner in my book.

Issara opens with no top notes to speak of, immediately moving to its early heart as very subtle almond-like coumarin takes on the sole starring role, underpinned by soft musk-like ambergris. During the late dry-down a sharp, woody vetiver emerges and takes the fore as the coumarin vacates, leaving just hints of the ambergris remnants as barely noticeable support through the finish. Projection is minimal, but longevity very good at over 10 hours on skin.

When I first applied Issara on skin I had to put my nose right up against my wrist, as I smelled almost nothing. Either I am anosmic to most of the early ingredients, or despite the fragrance pyramid listing, the top notes just aren't there (and I dare say the same holds true for a lot of the heart notes too). The coumarin definitely can be detected in the heart, but even though it is the early focal aspect of the composition, it comes off as extremely subtle, almost to the point of making one wonder what is the point of wearing the perfume. The skillful use of ambergris also almost goes unnoticed, as like the coumarin, while detectable, it too seems to be in hiding throughout the composition's development. Only in the late dry-down does the woody vetiver finally assert itself, salvaging an otherwise pleasant but disappointing and irrelevant outing. I find myself torn on how to score Issara, as on the one hand it does smell good and has a great smelling late dry-down (if not overly simplistic), but the rest of the composition just makes one shrug one's shoulders as to "what's the point." In the end, the bottom line is the $350 per 50ml bottle Issara teeters between irrelevant and near-fantastic, earning it a "good" to "very good" 3 to 3.5 stars out of 5 rating, but only a neutral recommendation due to its inconsistency, among other minor shortcomings.

A strange paradox. A completely dreamy, ultra-sweet, coumarin-forward fougere, with extremely disappointing projection.

I have to add my voice to the chorus of people who love the scent itself but can't believe the performance, especially at such a steep price point. It's a strange feeling to spray yourself in $20 of perfume and wonder if you need to apply more. And that's just for your own personal enjoyment. If you are on a date and hoping someone gets a good impression of your style and sophistication, or Hell, even general grooming habits, look elsewhere.

HOWEVER: A high performance version of this might push all the notes together in a claustrophobic cloud and yield something like, say Black Afgano by Nasomatto. It's a real conundrum. But Pissara has shown herself to be a talent to watch, so I remain hopeful that Issara is a puzzle she can solve.

Thumbs up because it really is lovely, though I won't be buying at this price & performance.

Mmm...Issara is beautiful. I love it! This is such a smooth blend of green notes, coumarin's vanillia and hay presence along with just a tiny shot of bourbin vetiver, oakmoss and ever so slight muskiness. I wish I smelled the individual pine note in the opening as well as pine in the mids...but I don't. That's my only beef with this fragrance, well...that and it's lack of projection. I'd like it to be a bit more forward and not so much a skin scent, which it is. The scent itself however is marvelous! I completely agree with teardrop that there is a definite Chergui vibe to Issara, but I prefer Issara to Chergui. Issara is ridiculously overpriced. It's supposed to be an extrait, but it performs like an EDV which translated is Eau d Vapor. Meaning it's more a will-o-the wisp than it is a liquid fragrance. All these things aside however, I want a bottle of Issara. Smelling this fragrance makes me feel a great sense of well being and rightness in the world...LOL...

Surprised at the love for this one. Inoffensive and not merely forgettable but virtually unnoticeable. I wear frags for myself so don't mind low sillage. But even at the skin scent level this fades from view in moments.

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