Ispahan fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Aldehydes, Orange, Bergamot
  • Heart

    • Clove, Rose, Magnolia, Jasmine, Cinnamon, Ylang ylang
  • Base

    • Benzoin, Incense, Amber, Myrrh, Tolu balsam, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Musk

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The name says it all:Ispahan (Isfahan) one of the most beautiful cities in Iran.a city which has never died over the's filled with architectural wonders such as unmatched buildings,bazaars, museums,persian gardens.rank Isfahan among those rare places, like Athens or Rome,which are the common refreshment of humanity. guys if you are lucky enough you can walking with a beautiful dark haired lady in "Khaju Bridge" and having a romantic chat on evening.because Isfahan women are very attractive.

Ispahan is a bewitching scent. very mystical,very spiritual,and at the same time quite beautifully will not candy in it powerful flowers and heat of the heart or of some very very different organs.vintage drops,like all things wonderful, got stuck in history and stayed there,everlasting and me this smells quite's rich in feeling,opulent in spices.this perfume reminded me of Youth Dew upon first application when wet,but the dry down.pure yummy heaven!the powdery sweet femininity of the final dry down with benzoin, vanilla and tonka bean,is just unrivalled,and lands you gently after marvelous trip down the Isfahan spice Bazaar!

There is a subtle "brightness" to this which i think gives it it's sexy appeal.modern fragrances are alright but can be so shallow and lacking in personality.this wonderful fragrance has just that,personality.this is a perfume meant for strong not some close to it if you are known to possess even the tiniest amount of delicacy or fragility.a tremendous,admirable classic. luxurious and confidently sensual.don't judge Ispahan,there is nothing more surprising than seeing a well turned out young woman who then wafts past you rocking a "vintage" fragrance. this is a love for me,thumbs up.
19th August 2021
I couldn't find a more appropriate adjective to describe this perfume than the one given from my friend Ken_Russel. It is fascinating!
This is a masterpiece of perfumery and how a mature woman should smell. And just to make myself clear: when i say mature i don't mean old.
This perfume is elegant, sexy, confident, poetic, fascinating!
Perfumery at it's best.

1st June 2020

I grabbed a bottle of this with high hopes - the exotic name and dark blue packaging looked so enticing! Maybe I got a dud, but this (EDT) has such a subtle aroma, it's taken me many tries just to form an opinion. This has gotta be the lite-est oriental out there! I can definitely smell a certain spice/resin note that's also in Opium, and the rest is a soft, powdery mimosa. Ylang-ylang and vanilla are listed as official notes, but they don't stand out for me at all. As the previous reviewer noted, this would be safe for the office - or any occasion where you'd rather be wearing Opium but need to tone things right down.
7th October 2011
Yes, it does resemble Opium/Cinnabar. Like other Yves Rocher scents I've sampled, there's not much in the way of top notes or's all straight up what you get right out of the bottle. This is a pleasant spicy mix. But it doesn't have overly much in the way of personality. It does lie close to the skin as mentioned, making it safe for the office.
17th June 2010
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