Isle of Man 
Frapin (2017)

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Isle of Man by Frapin

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Isle of Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2017 by Frapin

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Reviews of Isle of Man by Frapin

There are 2 reviews of Isle of Man by Frapin.

A understated man with a plan who is quiet and's a bridge between old and new.Isle of Man is uplifting,not for the clubbing boys with their sweet marshmallow scents but strong and modern enough to not go through as dated either.

The open is definitely citrucy and awakes the nostrils,but that quickly fades into a spirited melange of salt,light florals,and green notes.the mid and dry down adopt more vetiver, musk while hanging onto the salt, green notes and to keep the scent lively on the skin. perfect for spring or fall,but very doesn't last very long on me.

The opening is salty, just a little sweet and with some herbal green. The drydown becomes a woody-vetiver, pretty clean too, that mingles with some basil. The smell is like mixing a little D&G The One with Vetiver Fatale. So that would also make the drydown very similar to The One Grey, if you've smelled that one.

Performance is good with decent projection during the entire 9+ hours of longevity that I observed on my skin and clothes. Stronger, of course, closer to the opening but I can still keep smelling this coming off my arm even without sniffing for it.

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