Island Gardenia 
Jovan (1982)

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Island Gardenia by Jovan

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Island Gardenia is a women's perfume launched in 1982 by Jovan

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Reviews of Island Gardenia by Jovan

There are 4 reviews of Island Gardenia by Jovan.

As a kid, I saw a bottle of this in one of my aunt's perfume collections. The bottle is very feminine, and ultimately I found that the scent itself is, too.

It has a tropical beach vibe, with a generous dose of floral goodness a la jasmine-like gardenia. I always admired it back then in my youth, and even now I give Island Gardenia props for its timeless beauty.

Jovan Island Gardenia Fragrance Notes

Jovan Island Gardenia captures the singular simplicity and rich floral beauty of a dew drenched soft gardenia warmed by the morning sun.

The top of this fragrance radiates with a natural floral freshness; notes of seductive gardenia, rose, ylang-ylang and fresh green notes blended with fruity accents of green apple, peach, mandarin and a hint of coconut.

The heart of the fragrance, a floral bouquet, is composed of tuberose, mimosa, muguet, orange flower, jasmine, rosewood and marigold.

To complete the seduction, the mysterious aura of sandalwood and cedarwood come into harmony with the sensuality of vetiver and patchouli, nicely balanced with the magical qualities of warm musk notes and vanilla.

I like my gardenia simple and direct to the point, I will stick to my Elizabeth Taylor, truly a queen gardenia, who conquers all!

I expected this to be one of those "tuberose masquerading as gardenia" fragrances, but although there is tuberose here, there is also a good amount of gardenia. It's soft, sweet, & not terribly natural-smelling, but it's a pleasantly beachy, sunny scent. It has that vibe of post-beach skin, complete with hot sand & traces of coconut oil. And at the risk of repeating a cliche, it does indeed transport me to a tropical island with blue seas, sunshine & swaying palm trees. It becomes steadily sweeter, & although it appears to sit close to the skin, it gives off nice little wafts when I move. I detect a grassy jasmine in the base, & it fades out completely after nine hours.
I'm not sure whether this is still in production, but there's plenty around on ebay, & if you fancy a cheap trip to the South Seas, this might be just the ticket!

As Barbara Herman notes, this is an inexpensive (read far less concentration of oils and far fewer used) version of Piguet's classic Fracas. With its combo of Peach, Gardenia, Tuberose and Coconut, it is extremely "tropical."

Even Turin calls it a "Fracas-type tuberose," notes it is more tuberose than gardenia and gave it 2 stars.

Still for fans of Fracas, it is an inexpensive way to refresh oneself with the glorious and self-indulgent bouquet of white flowers without the expense.

Note though that it is extremely light, almost a cologne version of Fracas.

Top notes: Coconut, Peach
Heart notes: Gardenia, Tuberose, Jasmine, Neroli, Cyclamen
Base notes: Vanilla, Civet, Siamese Benzoin

A neutral review due to lack of originality, an obvious copy of a famous scent, but still very nice.

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