Iris 39 
Le Labo (2006)

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Reviews of Iris 39 by Le Labo

There are 37 reviews of Iris 39 by Le Labo.

Reading perfume reviews reminds me of the knowledgable customers at my brother's winery asking if the wine was aged in American or French oak. Me, I relate to the other customers; I pretty much know what I like & what I don't like & I'm learning to discern the subtleties. Unfortunately for me, I do not like cheap, drug store fragrance & I can tell the difference so I must have some aptitude for this, right?

I HATED this the first, second, & third time I tried it. Hated it. All I got was a big hit of rancid hay. Not that I actually know what rancid hay smells like. So of course I brought a sample home & threw it in the bowl with all the other fragrance samples. Several weeks later, I put some on and, what do you know, I think's lovely. I agree with LeMoose above that this is a sunny fragrance. I wear it when I'm not feeling mysterious. There's iris, sure, but like most of Le Labo's stable (a reference to hay, get it?), the iris is playing with some old friends like violet and some diverse friends like patchouli (very subtle on me) with a little constant note of cardamom which is what I think makes this fragrance so unique.

How would I know about sillage? I work in the medical field where fragrance is not allowed so I dab some on my sternum so only I am smelling it. As already stated, I wear this when I'm feeling a little more assertive & maybe wearing something other than black. The longevity of this on me is good but not great & that's okay.

Given how much I hated this in the beginning & then came to love it, I am thinking of trying some oud.
Apr 13, 2021

This is clear cut feminine with a classic backbone. The powdery texture and strong florals with healthy amounts of civet confirms this. I smell Iris, ylang and rose mostly and have always found ylang to be challenging. If ylang is not your cup of tea, you might find this hard to accept into your rotation. Thankfully the ylang here doesn't completely drown out the Iris, but they are equal players, you will smell alot of it. I must say that the light addition of fruitiness make this more consumable and easier to digest.
Oct 26, 2020

An iris-centred creation that knows how to enunciate – not in a plummy ‘dahlinggg' manner, but with clarity of intent coupled with a satisfying and unforced sonority. As irises go the starring note in this is unexceptional – it's very much in the powder puff meets suede manner. But it's what's going around this clean iris note that sparks my interest – there's the sweet ozonic breath of violets, a completely on point cardamom accent, mellow richer floral notes in the background and subtle deployment of a humid and earthy patchouli. It all adds up to more than the sum of its parts and is eminently wearable. What more could one ask for? Well, a friendlier price point, I suppose, but of such dreams are heartaches born…
Dec 18, 2019

Love LeLabo and love Iris39. It is unique, it's bold, it's Iris and Violent up front and the Iris remains throughout about 4 hours for me. After that I get musky, woody nice warm clean scent. Ask for a sample at the LeLabo counter and see for yourself.
Also a major fan of Santal 33 and Rose 31. LeLabo rocks it for me.
I own about 35 bottles of fragrance so I consider myself an addict and definitely not impressed with run of the mill types. Thus, LeLabo is my new BFF
May 27, 2018

This is my “sunny” iris. It has nothing in common with my fave Iris Silver Mist, in fact it's the opposite of ISM. However, instead of hating it I love it. It's very Southern California, very Abbot Kinney/cement trapezoid succulent planter. And even though I am not the basic b*tch that would fit this description, I happen to enjoy the way she smells: The iris comes across as a buttery hue of yellow that shines across the whole composition of creamy sandlwood aroma cut by tart lime and ginger. It's got that milky yet slightly tart vibe of Santal 33 and it reminds me of drinking orange tea with cream added. In essence it smells young, modern and liberated from familar gender associations. I do recommend wearing on a sunny breezey day for full effect.
Mar 5, 2018

You're deep in the city, on a rainy day, chasing your cat, and you definitely don't have time for this. You're led to a tiny alcove off of what seems like an abandoned alley, and you discover a garden filled with violet flowers. It's also filled with weeds, and a bunch of stray cats, and it's starting to get flooded with acid rain. You wonder if you should head back home, leaving your cat with its new tribe. Iris 39 by Le Labo.
Feb 25, 2018

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