Io Non Ho Mani che Mi Accarezzino il Volto 
Unum (2017)

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The title is taken from a poem by David Maria Turoldo and translates to: There are no hands to caress my face.

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Reviews of Io Non Ho Mani che Mi Accarezzino il Volto by Unum

There are 5 reviews of Io Non Ho Mani che Mi Accarezzino il Volto by Unum.

Somehow, I Knew I'd enjoy this... Sacred incense. Slight barnyard accord. A slight booziness like a spoiled whiskey or a boat varnish. I dig it, man... Pissy cedar-wood. Woody, rotting geranium... Io Non Ho Mani begins to mellow, soften a bit after some moments go by. The heart notes mingle together, with styrax being the big stand-out note for me. Then, the cinnamon spices things up, with the scent of a raw, whole stick cinnamon.

More incense beauty, later. Slight hints of tobacco. I get a vague reminder of nag champa incense here - it is a pleasant thing! For as many notes listed, it is incense, that dominates overall.

The base becomes a bitter, then sweeter thing, with a touch of earthy-wood. Overall, it is a great, incense-style fragrance. I love the odd bottle design as it is very artistic. I won't buy a full bottle once my decant is gone, as I have many incense style frags. Big thumbs up overall.
Jul 9, 2019

Tried this again from my remaining sample:
This STUNNINGLY hits me completely differently today.

Incense and tinged with a nag champa but not the whole story at all: Petitgrain , soft booze, smooth cinnamon, tonka myrrh sandalwood all blended magnificently!


I was trying to figure out the scent, what it reminded me of.

Nag Champa. Very much so.

In the dry down,..more sweet, powdery, feminine-leaning to my nose...

It is very unique, great projection and longevity. Just not exactly the scent I want on my skin.

My hookah room,...perhaps...3.25/5
Nov 1, 2018

Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto
'there are no hands to caress my face'

Notes :
Top : petitgrain, bergamot, galbanum, myrrh
Mid : cedar, geranium, clary sage, cinnamon, styrax, ylang
Base : incense, tonka, ambrox, tobacco, sandalwood

On first wearing, this fragrance provoked strong olfactory, visual and emotional impressions. Vivid memories of my Anglican childhood and church. This scent is complex, and I think it will take several full wearings to appreciate.

Immediately, I get a close-up image of a hair parting, very sharp and neat, dark hair, short back and sides. The back of a neck and ears scrubbed pink, washed in cold water with that coarse red soap, dried on a rough towel. The nape scraped further raw by a razor, as the young man's neck is shaved by the seminary barber.

The initial smell evoked was so familiar, I was astonished : clean, medicinal, male-institutional, boarding school, institutional shaving and barbering. Lifebuoy soap, Germolene, old-fashioned sticking plasters, embrocation, though not actually smelling quite like any of these things.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness. This is a grooming ritual, but you are not supposed to enjoy it.

And yet, under these circumstances of celibacy and new separation from the world, whether freely-chosen or compelled, barbering is one form of permitted physical contact. And so you have to find what sensory pleasure you can derive from it. Even the rawness. Perhaps especially the rawness. This rough institutionalised cleansing is all there is, in this moment. Because at least it is a feeling, and feeling means that you are still alive, and human.

A qualified opening freshness (petitgrain and bergamot, rather than brighter lemon etc) blends down to an impression of thick, dark, woollen clothing; the black cassocks and undyed undergarments of these future priests. The outer garments are not as newly clean as the bodies they cover, there is a tinge of mustiness, of clothing long-worn without laundering (similar to a note I pick up in CdG Man2), and a fleeting hint of urine (which might be how my nose reads jasmine).

The fragrance develops again. I get polished, dark wood church furniture, the grain illuminated by candlelight. Floor and furniture polish. The vestry, with its great cupboards for hanging the robes of priests, verger, choristers. Everything imbued with the scent of incense. The vestry rather than the church itself, after evening service; the cloth and the wood.

The drydown is calmer; incense and woods, with the geranium breaking through, and a lick of ylang. The opening notes make a reappearance. There's a hint of Brasso or silver polish. A lot of tobacco.

Years have passed, and the young seminarian has become a parish priest, somewhere in the west of Ireland, perhaps. Sitting in an old leather armchair by the open fire in his study, reading and thinking. The door closed. A den, a place of refuge and safety, warmth and fug. Pipe tobacco in the pouch, and always the all-pervading incense. The comfort of what you know; all you know. Is this acceptance or resignation ?

Io Non Ho Mani Che Mi Accarezzino il Volto

This stuff is awesome, and far more wearable than my 'first impressions' review might suggest. I get a lot of tobacco in this on subsequent wearings, and a lot less angst and melancholy. I find it tremendously evocative. It's very tenacious on clothing, and two sprays on skin will last you all day.

It is a serious-minded, introspective fragrance, but not quite meditative or liturgical. Perhaps closer to the Kirk of Scotland minister alone in the Orcadian manse of George Mackay Brown's stories and poems.
Feb 21, 2018

this is the darkest and extraordinary scent I have ever experienced.
from the beginning slightly citrus ... it becomes a smell of photographic film ... asphalt, incense.I leaves breathless, evokes melancholy, sadness and hope behind her cinnamon note. church, cemeteries, darkness of the soul, solitude, meditation. it is not a sad scent. is the scent of the lonely man who meditates, who is obscure but loves life. sorcinelli is an incredible character. and this fragrance tells all his story. organ, old books, bitter sweetness. this perfume sweeps into me my deeper and hidden memories and feelings.
impressive force. 10/10 the finest perfume that exists.
Oct 16, 2017

I really do like this poetically named, impossible to remember title of incense from UNUM. There are lots of note ingredient complications that serve to create incense harmony that stays within a mid tone register. For simplification I call this Unum a CINNAMON INCENSE for purposes of remembering what it is at essence. Warm pleasantness floats on the Ylang, cinnamon, tonka, benzoin and sandalwood. These are all very pleasant warm soft tones that coupled with ambroxan fill in the large well balanced silent majority of the composition. Sharp greens shred the warmth of the incense towards woodland depths with galbanum, myrrh, cedar and clary sage. Some reminders of strength of the woods are delivered from petitgrain, cedar wood and sandalwood.

Altogether this is a warm and interesting aggregate of fragrant bits composing a complication that becomes a resolute quiet. This UNUM keeps within itself and is incense very appropriate for quiet contemplation. The poem/perfume title, "There are no hands to caress my face" celebrates the surrender in acceptance of love and the sublime enjoyment of self. AHHH!
Jun 29, 2017

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