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Reviews of Invictus Legend by Paco Rabanne

There are 6 reviews of Invictus Legend by Paco Rabanne.

I bought Dior Sauvage EDP and a Moschino for my sister while on vacation and the store gave us some small vials on cards with descriptions and stuff. Legend fortunately was one of them because I was curious and I learned to stay away from it! The card says the geranium would make it metallic and the amber would make it red, but I don't get that at all. This is a Berry laundry detergent. I imagined the color purple instead of red. Legend was effervescent at the top and had a somewhat powdery berry blast that smelled almost like lavender on the back end. It was cheap, synthetic and horrid. It almost turned into Bulgari Aqua Marine on the die down. Smelled too young for me and I'm glad I got a sample instead of burning money on a blind buy. I don't understand how someone would want to smell like this.
Sep 13, 2019

The Paco Rabanne Invictus (2013) "DNA" has more or less run rampant through modern masculine designers in the 2010's decade much in the same way Bleu de Chanel (2010) and Creed Aventus (2010) have. This particular variant of the "ambroxan bomb" is sweeter and thicker than the rest, inspiring a host of clones that either replace the fresh citrus top of Invictus with more oriental notes like Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo (2016), or toss in a slew of mega-sweet cloying shower gel notes like Spice Bomb Night Vision (2019), to create the sillage monster to end all sillage monsters. It seems with the latest Invictus flanker, Invictus Legend (2019), Paco Rabanne seeks to basically parody itself, using the same over-the-top sweetness most copycats have utilized in their attempt to "out-Invictus" the original Invictus. While of course much more wearable than many of these other flunkies, Invictus Legend really brings nothing new to the table, and is just a tired, achy rehash of things that feels like Paco Rabanne is making a new release just for sales persons to say they have something new when asked about the brand. Is that what we've come to? I guess so. It's no wonder so many serious fragrance enthusiasts have given up on designers, since the glory days of Azzaro Pour Homme (1978) and Drakkar Noir (1982) have been replaced with the malaise of Acqua di Giò Absolu (2018) and Paco Rabanne Invictus Legend.

The opening is rather good and very reminiscent of the original Invictus, with the sweet mandarin and grapefruit marine accord returning. This time around, the sweetness is a little higher, and pungent aldehydes help push the scent along like an old-school bottle of Aramis (1965), which seems like a good thing at first, but only at first. There is a metallic geranium and bay laurel vibe in the heart to thicken this up, joined with a somewhat annoying fruity cascalone and galoxide smell that instantly takes your mind to a cheap bottle of Sauve for Men body wash, or something sold under a private label by your local grocer chain. This is where the Invictus DNA morphs into a monster, as the base stuffed to the brim with ambrox, honey, cardamom, and synthetic woods posing as "guaiac wood" take over, much more heavily-handed than in the original Invictus, making this smell like a bottle of men's shower gel come to life and battering down your door for attention. Invictus Legend teeters between pleasant and unpleasant in the dry down for this reason, as the original Invictus vibe does battle with this new base, but ultimately loses. Wear time is a good eight hours and sillage is "beast mode" just like the bros want it. I'd use this as a night club scent, as that's where I feel this vibe works best, and it's much too sweet for any kind of warm weather appeal, despite the otherwise citric personality of the composition. Domitile Berlier joins Nicholas Beaulieu, the latter of whom worked on the new version of Invictus Aqua (2018), but they just don't seem to "get it" with this flanker.

I'm not super surprised at this stage in the development of mainstream masculines about the Invictus accord being abused this way, as Paco Rabanne has a track record of beating their pillars to death before moving on, and still releases flankers for Paco Rabanne XS Pour Homme (1993) and Paco Rabanne One Million (2008) to this day. The last of these flankers usually end up being the worst, especially if the pillar wasn't too artistically significant to begin with, and you can look to the last of a long line of half-baked Ultraviolet Man (2001) flankers to see what I mean. Granted, Paco Rabanne is a great house for men, and scents like the original Paco Rabanne Pour Homme (1973) will always be legends among connoisseurs, but in between all their noteworthy pillars, you'll get cash-grab fodder like Invictus Legend, that's just the way they've always done things, outside the commercially-doomed one-offs like Ténéré (1988). I don't totally hate the stuff, and if I caught this on someone's collar, I wouldn't cry foul, so I won't totally flunk out Invictus Legend, but as it stands, I can't endorse it either. Test for yourself because everyone sees things differently, but the best I can give this rather unnecessary and almost cynical flanker props for not being a total disaster, but that's it. Another middling flanker that will one day command big money on the aftermarket when cancelled, just like the original Invictus Aqua (2016). Neutral
Aug 14, 2019

Not as sweet as the original Invictus, more on the fresh, slightly herbal side. There is some modern sweetness there but this is greener, just a hair lighter and fresher. Feels a little more mature for those reasons but is still very casual. Probably a better hot weather scent than the original but not as good as Aqua. Still has a generic feel but it's very pleasant.

Performance is solid. Good projection for 6 hours and all workday longevity.
Jul 19, 2019

Not bad, but not impressive IMO. I enjoy the original version a little better. Has a sea salt vibe which is pretty generic. I could wear this but it's not FBW to me.
Jun 4, 2019

I am not a fan.
This is kinda weird. Did not develop on my skin, instead it turned into a chemical mess...the fixative was horrid, though not as horrid as the stuff Ralph Lauren Polo abused for years.
There is little to no connection with this and the rest of the Invictus line. I see this as a cash grab, my speculation being that it will be discontinued by the end of next year if not sooner.

Easily a thumbs down except I could not fully assess the jus due to the 'cheap' chemicals in use. Perhaps someone else will love it.
May 13, 2019

Melon freshness with a pinch of sea salt & spice. Not as sweet as Invictus but still sweet enough to keep it smooth and easy going.

Right up there with the Original & Aqua 16 as the top from this line, maybe being the 3rd behind those, which seem to have more brightness/lightness. Legend seems like an original fragrance to me, haven't smelled much like it. No perfumey sharpness or anything but decent, pleasant notes.

I would give it a ~3.5/5 or so after a solid wear.

Update: reminds me of Creed Millesime Imperial now that I've tried both more. Legend seems more dark & rich though.
Apr 1, 2019

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