Invasion Barbare / SB 
MDCI (2006)

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Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI

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Invasion Barbare / SB is a men's fragrance launched in 2006 by MDCI

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Reviews of Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI

There are 55 reviews of Invasion Barbare / SB by MDCI.

Great fragrance. Horrible price. Gives off a slight Aventus connection IMO. The notes are blended very well. The way they mixed it with violet leaf was very well done. The musk in this gem calms the other notes down a notch. Wouldn't mind getting a bottle of IB, just can't see paying that much though. 8.5/10

Brut for junior executives. Good of its ilk, but doesn't warrant the ticket price for the hype train.

the hypes are real this stuff is incredibly well-blended and opens fresh spicy and goes on dry a little powdery and musky.bergamot lavender cardamom on top violet and musk at heart are detectable.
another holly grail in the fougere realm

Over the past four years, this has become close to being my signature scent. I loved it as a work scent.

If you're shopping scents by category, there are many fougeres that are as good or perhaps better and lower priced.

But for me, this one defies easy descriptions and I haven't mentally classified it along alongside FOUGERE ROYAL, 1725, SARTORIAL, FOUGERE NOBILE and others.

I get no lavender and I'm certain it's there. Cardamom, white musk, violets? I guess so. Can't pick out the notes so well on this one.

I think Diamondflame summed it up best for me in his review:

"MDCI Invasion Barbare wears elegantly and has staying power. It smells clean in a vaguely familiar yet intriguing manner."

That sounds fairly boring I suppose but I love this scent. I wouldn't call it a masterpiece or advocate it as "must try." If modern, clean, barbershop and elegant sound appealing, you might give this a shot.

Incredible! A stone cold modern masterpiece. Subtle but oh so very elegant. A light, dusty, powdery, gently spicy and aromatic soft woody fragrance.

The best I can do to accurately describe this is....

....Imagine God had a pencil made only for God. As this is God's very own pencil it smells sort of like a pencil but a much, much better smelling pencil than you or I could ever hope to acquire..... a divine pencil that smells only as a pencil made for God could smell.

Now imagine God sharpened this divine pencil with a pencil sharpener that, again, is made only for God....

Invasion Barbare smells like the heavenly pencil shavings left behind by God after God has sharpened God's very own divine pencil with God's very own divine pencil sharpener.....

....With a slightly powdery note on top.

Invasion Barbare is an insanely good fragrance.

Invasion Barbare - MDCI
I associated this with: 'slicing cucumber and kumquat's with a hot rusty old knife' and 'wet speedo's after a swim in a indoor pool, especially after you pee'd in them'. Combine this and you have in a short how IB smells like to my nose. Its best to spray it on a blotter and wait for 8-10 hours cause its dryout is the best part. The laurel/caraway/violetleaf/lavender/cinnamon powertrain gets slowed down and there is more room for a perfecfly judged bitter-sour-sweet tonality before a minty fir-balm note leads the dryout into a triple distilled patchouli/vanilla absolute and a clean cederwood base with undertones of vetiver, 'fake' oakmoss and fresh soap. I want to rave about but it doesnt smell comfortabel luxurious and it doesnt connect with my skin at all, it just drifts and screams in a monotone voice and it resents my nose to the point I get headaches. There is a persistant tone of fresh and old sweat fighting with eachother who's best, creating a sort of unsettling tonality that scares me. From another perspective I feel there is a kind of magic going on but it just doesnt seem to get me under its spell. Its a shame, I quess.

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