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A scrubber
26th September 2021
A rich white floral opening developed into a floral side and eventually opens up to develop a delightful sandalwood note, which gradually takes over.

The opening florals a mainly muguet and gardenia, and they are freshened up by an orangey undertones. The floral and the fruity combine most harmoniously.

After a while a very classical lavender arises, and the development heads into a sweeter territory, where peach and honeysuckle add depth and softness.

Since the middle notes a sandalwood impression has been developing and gradually is taking over. In the base it is strongest. It is a pure, cedar-free and without any spicy sidelines - simple and straightforward in a positive way. The sweetness is re-enforced by tonka and blends well with the wood and florals.

I get moderate sillage, very good projection and seven hours of longevity on my skin.

Rich, classical and sophisticated - maybe a touch lacking structure at times, but overall delightful. 3.75/5.
23rd August 2018