Intimately Beckham Women fragrance notes

  • Head

    • White Flowers, Bergamot, Rose Petals
  • Heart

    • Casablanca Lily, Tuberose, Orange Blossom
  • Base

    • Vanilla, Sandalwood, Musk

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Intimately Beckham is not groundbreaking, unique or original, but rather a comfortable, clean and almost sexy fragrance in a good manner. A white linen dress with naughtily cut white lace under it. It is almost like instant chemistry, the kind of feeling you feel when your eyes meet with the love of your life.

The bergamot and orange blossom are close behind; they create a mild but detectable, sweet citrusy accord. White florals are definitely centre stage, but it's not deep like some other jasmines. The white musk and vanilla in the base add a touch of naughtiness to an otherwise radiant pure white floral-citrus. In my imagination she is a woman who walks in the field amongst white flowers while animals are observing her from the trees.
12th June 2022
I adore this scent because it is fresh and feminine in a more mature way than the candy sugary stuff. A little goes a long way. I just got another bottle in swap this year (2014) after not wearing it since 2009-2010. I missed it so much. I threw a perfectly good bottle away because a crazy lady with allergies followed me out to my car and threatened to sue me for making her sick by wearing it. I told her I had allergies, asthma and even migraines too, but I don't over-apply and I take my medicine so I can enjoy it. She wasn't satisfied with that. She went into our building to complain about it. I nearly lost my job. Now that I have the bottle back, I'll wear it at home as much as I want. I probably won't wear it on the job though. I hope that scene never happens again with any of my perfumes.
11th July 2014

excellent My Fav
14th August 2013
I like it ! Yeah worth your money Pros: Very clean feeling and extremely feminineCons: Tooo similar to Curious by britney? Unoriginal and boring
6th July 2013
I really quite like this perfume. It's a very light and fun floral and I think the bottle design suits the perfume perfectly. The top notes are really nice but I was disappointed with the middle and base notes, not because they smelt bad, (which they didn't), but because the perfume reminded me so much of Curious by Britney Spears. Now when I read the notes in this perfume I can see that they both contain tuberose, white flowers, vanilla and musk.

I'm not a fan of perfumes or celebrities that copy one another.

26th April 2011
This perfume lacks Oringinality
when i'v broung this i was a bit disapointed it was too light
the notes where bland.
14th December 2010
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