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Reviews of Internationable by Façonnable

This one appears to be a repackaged limited edition of Faconnable as they both smell identical to one another. The bottle is also the same as the forementioned except that the string tying the top to the bottle is blue rather than red and the graphics (and name of course) on the tin it comes in are slightly different. Hence my review for Internationable is virtually the same as for Faconnable which is repeated below:

A bracing and aggressive scent in the top notes in much the same way that Minotaure is. When it finally settled, I found it a bit too "perfumey" for office or casual wear and eventually ended up giving away my bottle as a present. However, on balance it is still quite masculine and would make a good dating fragrance, and I admit smells expensive. It also lasts a long time and has got excellent sillage, giving the impression that it is made of high quality ingredients. I agree with the astute observation above that it has a kind of "Euro" air as I'm always reminded of Swiss private bankers whenever I smell it. This image is enhanced by its beautifully opulent bottle that reminds me of the 18th century French aristocracy, and I believe it is almost worth buying it for this reason alone! Even though I gave it away (prematurely perhaps), this deserves a thumbs up in my books.
Jul 14, 2010

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