Interlude Man 
Amouage (2012)

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Interlude Man by Amouage

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Interlude Man is a men's fragrance launched in 2012 by Amouage

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Reviews of Interlude Man by Amouage

There are 97 reviews of Interlude Man by Amouage.

Simply put, the foulest most disgusting thing I've ever tried out of hundreds. Wipe yourself down in oregano oil from Amazon and call it a day. I give everything a chance but this was a furious scrubber in minutes. Can also be used as human repellant

Strong peppers and herbs - blacks and greens. All prickly and pointy and powerful. Eventually softens into a wet leather. Avoiding the word 'masculine' here but this fragrance belongs on the skin of someone who commands the room. I prefer Jubilation, but respect Interlude for the long-lasting powerhouse it is.

Peppery oriental opening, very incensey, I didn't get any of the fresh bergamot smell. Once again smells like an orthodox church or perhaps an upmarket healing crystals shop. I can appreciate the oriental mystique Amouage has adopted but I'm not sure they've pegged the western market. I guess they want to give their clients a touch of the rarest perfumes of biblical kings, with pricing to match. And that's great, it's very evocative for the moment. I just don't want it all day.

The sillage and scent trail smells nice, but it's a bit too sickly sweet on my skin. Perhaps it's Amouage's incense-amber DNA that doesn't sit well with me. It also feels linear and the sweetness has a bit of depth and richness, but not complexity or nuance.

This will get you noticed, but some might not appreciate the smokiness. The general public prefers sweet smells, but it gets complicated when it is coupled by a smoky or balsamic element.

Sample before you buy.

To my nose this is a mélange of Tom Ford's Tobacco Oud and MEMO's Irish Leather, in a delicate balance.
I perceive oud, a vanillaic tonka bean accord, incense, leather.
A beastly strong scent that is not for the faint of heart. Interlude doesn't quit for hours, 10 - 12 at least.
Very nice in the winter.

First out of the bag, this smells like a seriously real pine forest. The faintest mist of the juice lingers with immense sillage. It wears on me strongly medicinal, woody and slightly animalistic, drying warm and woody with clear herbal notes. The woody warm might be dark leather treated with birch tar or smoky oud wood. There is zero softness but also zero screaming edges or mens’ cologne vibe. The more I wear it, the more the cedar forest takes on slighlty powdery oakmoss notes, but overall, it's a melange of spicy forest with sap/resin and rich bark notes. A perfect dark Autumn gothic dreamscape. I consider this unisex. (I'm a woman and wear this without feeling like I got into my man's collection.)

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