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Amouage (2012)

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Reviews of Interlude Man by Amouage

There are 92 reviews of Interlude Man by Amouage.

First out of the bag, this smells like a seriously real pine forest. The faintest mist of the juice lingers with immense sillage. It wears on me strongly medicinal, woody and slightly animalistic, drying warm and woody with clear herbal notes. The woody warm might be dark leather treated with birch tar or smoky oud wood. There is zero softness but also zero screaming edges or mens’ cologne vibe. The more I wear it, the more the cedar forest takes on slighlty powdery oakmoss notes, but overall, it's a melange of spicy forest with sap/resin and rich bark notes. A perfect dark Autumn gothic dreamscape. I consider this unisex. (I'm a woman and wear this without feeling like I got into my man's collection.)
Nov 25, 2021

Put it simply, it is a leather based scent.

Opening accords have a tinge of sweetness, woods and ash. It however settles into a brown leather base.. Like a new leather product. Smoother and lesser turpentine than Knize Ten.
Nov 17, 2021

It’s nickname, “The Blue Beast,” even if it’s been reformulated, weakened, is reason enough to cause one to doubt and question what determines their tastes and what demographic they too make up. Interlude: a pause or intervening time between one thing and another. Amouage’s “frag,” not fragrance, is nothing of the sort, instead opting to make the interlude the main event, which is an all day and tiresome affair.

Unapologetically, Amouage’s Interlude Man reminds me of a much nicer Joop! It’s sweet, fairly unimaginable on a human, and very loud. Don’t get me wrong. Interlude smells good, the oregano top note included. It’s just that I can’t imagine such a hodgepodge, supposedly “Eastern” mix of scent on human skin. Whereas Jubilation XXV, a fragrance I quite like, rests on fuzzy woods and musk in its base, along with a gorgeous incense, Interlude Man operates in the realm of more opaque resins, without necessarily evoking the bakhoor-fumigated spaces and ash that another Amouage, Myths Man, does.

Someone, somewhere, more than likely talked about “shisha,” the molasses-based tobacco used in a hookah, and I can see the analogy, so much so that I would prefer Interlude Man as a “day after spray.” Spraying my clothing, letting it sit overnight, and then dressing the following day, once “The Blue Beast” has had a chance to fade into its base notes that would require someone to hug me to smell its amalgamation of smoke and spice.

My demonic tastes include actually fumigating my clothing with incense, using oud oils, seeking out and acquiring samples and bottles of all the animalic, smoky, incense-based, “Middle Eastern,” scents this world has produced and yet Interlude Man does not convince. For your own sake, please don’t be fooled. Almost no one can pull off this perfume. It is a good-smelling caricature of a world you don’t belong to.
Jul 22, 2021

Herbal oregeno opening which is complex, interesting and kind of weird.

Dry down is spicy, slightly smoky with too much incense and a wee bit too spicy for my taste; my biggest issue is that the oregano shouldn't last this far into the dry down.

The artistry is appreciated, just not for me. Beast projection & longevity but a little much for me as I'm not a youngun anymore.

Jul 19, 2021

Amouage Interlude Man (2012) is one of the more popular Amouage scents for men among members of the "FragBro" sect of the online community, thanks to the hype generated by influencers on Instagram and YouTube reviewers. To be fair, it's not wholly undeserved because Interlude Man is prolific as they come among masculine takes on incense, combining dark, smokey, resinous tones with something sweet enough to keep the stuff from being gothic, unlike it's "man in black" sibling Amouage Memoir Man (2010). Pierre Negrin was tapped for this effort, and he seems to appear every now and then working for this house, so much of Amouage's olfactive consistency throughout their 2000's boom can be laid at his feet. Negrin does well here, and the notorious Amouage performance is also here in full force. The gorgeous blue bottle and gold cap is also a perk of ownership, but don't let the color fool you, this is the furthest thing from a fresh fragrance in any sense of the word.

Amouage Interlude Man opens with the odd culinary choices of oregano and allspice lifted by dry bergamot. The opoponax and olibanum in the heart are noticeable right away, merging with labdanum and amber as oddly heavy middle notes to make Interlude really thick. A bit of castoreum leather and fractionated patchouli continue this thickness, adding sweetness spurred by the amber into a sandalwood, vetiver, and synthetic agar base, completing the skin feel with a semi-scratchy woody affect that will last for a day on the body, days on unwashed clothes. Projection on this is utterly terrifying and in the heat could be oppressive. Interlude Man is surprisingly a singular blob of it's heart and base notes when dried, rather than having a sophisticated complexity like others from the house. Best used in my opinion for the bar scene or personal enjoyment because beyond that you're going to let everyone know you're looking for attention when you may not be trying to, which are pointed deducted in my perspective.

I like these kinds of heady fragrances but at the same time I don't, because I never seem to find a time when wearing them doesn't come across boorish. That said, Interlude Man is a striking artistic achievement of immeasurable density in the field of incense fragrances for men, simultaneously being darker than Memoir Man but with a touch of joviality that Memoir Man lacks in it's black hole of smoke. The "beastmode" bros are likely to love Interlude Man like they do Jubilation XXV (2007) for that alpha male dialed to 11 aesthetic it casts and again, if that's your vibe, good for you and all, but it's rarely me anymore. I'm all for a powerhouse fragrance, but I also like one that has layers to the approach, rather than an omnipresent gut punch like Interlude Man tends to be. This is a nice concept, but sometimes over doing it isn't a bold artistic statement, but rather just over doing it for the sake of being gauche. Neutral
Jul 6, 2020

Interlude man is a smoky resin type fragrance that reminds me of driving past a sweet smoky bonfire wafting across the road and it coming in to you're air vents.
As you'd expect from Amouage it's a long lasting juice that goes past 12 hours easily.
I bought a small decant and although i think it's nice i just can't quite pull the trigger on it for a full bottle as i know i won't reach for it that often.
But make no mistake it's a very popular frag and very good long lasting juice....a thumbs up...but not a full bottle thumbs up for me.

May 30, 2020

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