Interlude 53 
Amouage (2020)

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At the crossroads of extreme concentration and extended aging, a sublime extrait version of one of Amouage’s most iconic creations: Interlude Man.Now formulated at a 53% dosage and aged for 6 months in our factory in Muscat, revealing hidden facets and depths of its original form. Where Interlude was colourful chaos, the maturity of Interlude 53 transmits completeness and more harmony.

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Reviews of Interlude 53 by Amouage

There are 2 reviews of Interlude 53 by Amouage.

Charred Woods and less oregano! Thick and long lasting!
Jul 19, 2021

Still plenty of Interlude DNA, but sweeter. The smoke and oregano are still there but now toned down, more background, complimentary notes. The sweet, sticky amber note is the main difference in 53.

It's still beastly in performance, big projection, and lasts all day, but much more wearable.
Mar 10, 2021

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