Intelligence and Fantasy 
The Beautiful Mind Series (2011)

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Reviews of Intelligence and Fantasy by The Beautiful Mind Series

There are 1 reviews of Intelligence and Fantasy by The Beautiful Mind Series.

Very safe and pleasant, light and citrusy. That's mostly all I get out of it, nice citrus with woodiness. It's pretty close to Wonderwood but with more citrus and florals. Not a bold fragrance but enjoyable to wear and for others if they can smell it. Not a projection monster but with these Schoen scents, the aroma comes and goes. There's enough pepper here for this to lean masculine to me.

Update: I was under the impression that this was an ISO-E super scent but having worn it couple times and also experiencing some of Schoen’s other creations, this one smells more like it uses Javanol, not ISO-E. It gives off a persistent, warm, heavy-handed sandalwood.
Sep 27, 2016

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