Insulo fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Vanilla
  • Heart

    • Jasmine
  • Base

    • Enigmatic Musks

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Latest Reviews of Insulo

Darvant's review is spot on in every way except I love a well blended vanilla and so this one hits all the right notes for me. The woodiness and chocolate is so there, even a bit of hazelnut I would venture to add. Oh my gosh, I can't get enough of this one. If you love a vanilla that isn't screaming, "Hey! I AM A VANILLA!!" put this one in your "must try" bin.
28th February 2023
One of the Francois Hénin's favorite notes, the fatal vanilla, is in here celebrated by this Vanina Muracciole's olfactory performance disclosing a delicately floral creamy/musky cloud of pure pleasure. I detect some woodiness (a la Vanille Noir du Mexique de La Maison de la Vanille) beyond musky vanilla and soapy jasmine, probably hints of patchouly as well (with its tad of ostensibly chocolatey vibe). Insulo is a balmy/cosmetical sort of chic modern creation with a tad of intense woodiness (probably hints of sandalwood providing an almost "saline" - or kind of saline - woody final undertone). A tad of opoponax? Dry down is warmly vanillic and definitely resinous in a woody/musky way. Being not properly a vanilla-addicted Insulo is not the type of fragrance I'd shudder to purchase for me or my beloved but I guess I'd probably appreciate it on the right woman.
23rd March 2021

This is lovely. Three simple notes, but balanced and blended so beautifully that no one note shouts over the top of the other. Creamy vanilla, soft jasmine and delicate musk, all playing nicely together. It was quite sweet when it first went on, but that settled after a few minutes, and then I was sitting in a lovely soft cloud of musky, flowery vanilla. Chocolate isn't listed as a note, but I also got wafts of chocolate. Longevity is pretty damn good – I got a good eight hours out of it. I think a lot of blokes might find this too sweet, but then again, I guess it would depend on the skin chemistry. It's a super pretty scent, and I have a full bottle winging it's way to me as I type this. Very definite thumbs up!
17th October 2017