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Mancera (2019)

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Instant Crush by Mancera

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Reviews of Instant Crush by Mancera

I'll echo speedracer's review. There's a smoky and peppery sandalwood vibe and at times it comes off a little synthetic feeling. If you look past that, you'll find BR540. I'd give this around a 60% similarity to the original. In the air, it's probably 70-80% similar. If the peppery/synthetic aspect was removed, I'd give it 65-70%. The scratchiness sort of ruins the elegance and airiness of the original.

Al Haramain's Amber Oud Rouge is still one of the best BR540 clones I've come across with a 90-95% similarity. This still hits a similar vibe but it comes across slightly synthetic to my nose. However, this is still closer to the original than Ariana Arande's Cloud and Burberry's Her.

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