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Innuendo by Roja Dove

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Innuendo is a women's perfume launched in 2011 by Roja Dove

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Reviews of Innuendo by Roja Dove

There are 1 reviews of Innuendo by Roja Dove.

The opening is a fresh zesty lemon verbena/and sunny citrus. Its found in traditionally masculine fragrances. ( an echo of 70s vibe) Its a interesting opening for a woman's fragrance playing with the unisex vibe. A non traditional opening for womens fragrances.

Sometimes I really wish Roja had an editor that was a woman to help feminize his pour femme offerings. They all have a masculine tinge to them. Not that theres anything wrong with it as unisex means more sales, but I would appreciate something that hones in on the true curves of the feminine mystique.

I would put this on in the morning for a wakeup and get down to business scent. A well done fresh floral for your wardrobe. The heart opens with a jammy rose, a custardy vanilla ylang ylang countered with a beautiful patchouli.

Cute powdery violets lend a femininity and the jasmine tempers the rose. Theres a soapiness and a white musk element that keeps this fresh in tone. Its evolution really reminds me of old Hollywood actresses that spent their leisure time at Hearst Castle playing tennis. The old actresses would always put on their fragrance first out of the bath assuring the heart to drydown which was the most spectacular part of the perfume was on display. Then they would continue with their beauty routine.

I would say this is a modern classic. It does change in a sweeping dramatic fashion, like theres 3 acts to the story. Ive never smelled anything quite like it.
1.7oz parfum -"Creation-I" Reviewed

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