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Reviews of Innocent by Thierry Mugler

There are 27 reviews of Innocent by Thierry Mugler.

The second flanker to roll off the Angel conveyor belt, Innocent is a lighter, herbal and fruity-acid version.
It trades in the deep rootiness of the mothership for a purse-lipped hauteur, which, despite the impeccable blending, tends to leave me cold.


10ml vapo in capped metal casing
Feb 10, 2020

It's quite gentle compared to other loud fragrances from the same house. I get a lot of fruits at the opening. Berries, oranges, black currants, but oddly they turned out quite masculine. The praline drydown doesn't show up very quickly. It hides underneath and slowly sneaks out after 3 or 4h, not cloying sweet and well blended with fruits. It's a good option for someone who's into gourmand but doesn't get along well with patchouli. The sillage is close compared to other TM perfumes but the longevity is as well as its cousins. Named Innocent, it does seem an innocent scent, but it discretly flirts.

Originally written in 2013
Dec 15, 2017

Innocent is very much what you'd expect a perfume originally called Angel Innocent to be: a softer, sweeter version of Angel. Innocent replaces Angel's dark chocolate, patchouli and berry notes with sweeter notes of sugared almonds and meringue; but it's still very recognisable as Angel. There were some lovely bath products in the Innocent range, including a spray body moisturising mousse and a gorgeous dusting powder.

I'm not sure if Innocent is still in production: it's disappeared from the shops, and even though it's still on the Mugler online store, the link leads to an error message (as it does with the definitely discontinued Womanity).
Oct 19, 2017

The original Angel is just too heavy on my skin....too strong, and almost distracting!

Angel Innocent is just right. It's a quieter Angel, which makes it day and office appropriate. Happy to have this one in my collection!
Oct 13, 2016

An interesting flanker to the original Angel.

This begins with a soft floral scent, identical to the opening of Yves Saint Laurent's first scent, Y, which has the baby's breath dryness of a bouquet freshly delivered from the florist shop.

This soon fades and we have the original Angel, softer, quieter, but still the original Angel.

Both this and A*Men are somewhat cheats, winning you over with different top notes that may sell at the counter, but disappear ten minutes after leaving the store.

As a variation on the original, it's nice, but it doesn't take much work to layer a top note enticement onto an established base scent, thus the neutral review.
Nov 15, 2015


Like super sweet gourmand perfumes?like cotton candy? then you'll love INNOCENT.It is a fresher,more delicate version of the classic ANGEL.This perfume tells everything at hello and will love him salivate and ask for seconds with its gourmand,yummy base under the breathtaking heart and fruity top notes of its scent. Sweet,Sensual,Warm,Comforting,Delicious, Feminine and Sensuous.

Top notes of bergamot and tangerine rest atop an almond,red berries and black currant heart,praline in the base blends with sweet vanilla for a delightful and warm end to a captivating and lovely perfume that will lure anyone to your attention so i think INNOCENT is a misnomer for this perfume.Suitable to the young and the young at heart.

It is not as strong as ANGEL but concentrated enough to leave people in your path with scents of your perfume and definitely it will make people want to come back for another sniff.Perfect for Daytime wear however it is sophisticated and sexy enough for Evening wear in COLD weather.Highly recommend for someone who can not tolerate heavy smell of ANGEL.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

Apr 18, 2015

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