Fragrances of Ireland (1998)

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Inis by Fragrances of Ireland

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This fragrance was inspired by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Ireland. The name 'Inis' is the Irish word for Island. The bottle's cap represents two pebbles on a beach.  This unisex fragrance is ideal for fans of 'Issey' who want a change. It's reasonably priced too.

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Reviews of Inis by Fragrances of Ireland

There are 10 reviews of Inis by Fragrances of Ireland.

I own a bottle circa 1999. This doesn't get a whole lot of love on BN. The ‘99 bottle I have has some actual oakmoss deep down in it. This fragrance does mimic a salty sea note (calone? Beware) mixed with citruses and a touch of neroli up front. Becomes salty sea, citrus, musk, hint of nutmeg, and a hint of moss. Goes on a bit searing and synthetic but dries salty citrusy nice. I understand why some call it ‘Eau d'Issey' as it does present that kind of vibe. I'm always complimented when I wear it. Works best in the blistering heat, but enough going on that I've worn it successfully in cooler weather. The new(er) version of this is nearly a chemical mess comparatively to the older and smells like it was put together by a bath and body outlet (read: bargain bin decent but cheap smelling). Worth sticking in a wardrobe for a wear a few times a year but nothing to view as a unicorn or something you're really missing out on. Look for it priced inexpensively. One could argue to just go easy on the trigger with Issey Miyake, and the simple fact I'm mentioning it in the same paragraph is perhaps the greatest compliment I could give it. It's a 6 hour fragrance on my skin. For what it is, 7/10. Ok, my sales pitch is one and done over.

Fresh and refreshing - another great scent for reviving a flagging soul on a sultry day. Very well-priced too. A trip to the seaside when you can't take time off!

I used to spend my summers in Ireland and sometimes a few weeks in the winter, and always saw this for sale and smelled it in hotels here and there - I think it is more popular with tourists than natives, but it is a nice, somewhat weak aquatic scent. If you're averse to strong smells and just want something very light and clean, this is for you, but don't expect it to last beyond an hour or two tops.

Unfortunately, the "energy of the sea” (their phrase) has no sea smell. The spray bottle has an acrylic cap. Called a “cologne,” but is weak even for an after-shave. Lasts a very short while (1.5 to 2 hours on me). 6-8 sprays needed for effect. Smells a bit like CK One to me, but not as good. If you want a good sea/marine fragrance, try Mare, Aqua Motu, or Oltre.

While I LOVE this scent, I cannot wear it. My sister gave this to me two years ago and I keep trying to wear it every couple of months because it smells so wonderful. I feel like it is slightly too masculine for me, with that being would drive me wild on my if only he would wear it:)

I just purchased this fragrance recently and ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It smells exactly like Issey Miyake's 'L'Eau d'Issey Pour Homme, but lighter and with less tang" to it; the lemon and marine top notes are clean, fresh and crisp while the woody-clove dry-down make it a perfectly masculine scent. It is an easy scent to wear whether to the office, on the weekends or a casual night on the town. I highly recommend this fragrance!

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