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Prada (2007)

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Infusion d'Iris by Prada

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Reviews of Infusion d'Iris by Prada

There are 101 reviews of Infusion d'Iris by Prada.

I can totally understand why this gets compared to Chanel N°19 Poudré, however, I think they are more like siblings than twins. I feel like this fragrance leans a little more unisex than Poudré, which is totally feminine to my nose. I think you can own both without feeling like you have too much of an overlap between the two, especially since I feel like they both give off a different vibe. While Poudré I find to be feminine and pretty, this is a bit more strong minded. For example, as a realtor… I might wear Poudré to a settlement in the office, and I would opt for infusion d’iris for negotiations…. To give off that strength and confidence. I find the neroli more apparent in this one, which is maybe part of what’s giving that slightly bitter strength… and this also has a little bit more of a clean and soapy (in a good way) feel to it. I honestly love both and I’m happy to have both.

Infusion d'Iris has grown on me, from neutral in 2012 to a real appreciation of it's quiet, calm, ‘go everywhere' personae. It's versatility, from office to dinner, with aplomb, is quite a feat, really.
It always smells put together, self-possessed, elegant, in a pleasant, unassuming way. So I find myself using it more and more, as I trust it now to deliver in nearly all situations.
On my skin, the predominant note is a cool but personable soft Iris and very complementary musk-vetiver-wood. My favorite part of Infusion d'Iris are when these notes are in balance. If I have a quibble with Infusion d'Iris, it's that when the iris starts dissipating, the musky element becomes more apparent, and I prefer the balance between the two, rather than a musky iris. It's not a large flaw, but enough to take it from 5 to 4 stars in my mind.

So serene, so calm, so calming and so elegant - it's the scent of a smart woman who has her shit together. That, together with this being a non-intrusive, clean, soapy and polite perfume makes it an amazing work scent. It just cuts through all the crap of the day and presents you this calm, soapy, incensy and slightly irisy-powdery (just a tiny touch of powdery! more soapy! powder-enemies, don't fret!) vetiver scent. You smell it and it all gets better.

I had a mini bottle of this and upon using half of it gave it as a thank you gesture to another woman who wanted it (and this generous woman was well worth it), but I'd gladly welcome a bigger bottle of this again in my wardrobe some day. For now, I am very happy with Bois d'Iris by Van Cleef and Arpels which to my nose is a sister scent to Infusion d'Iris. They both have very similar mood, they're both quiet, introspective and easy to wear, but Bois d'Iris is a more woody and incensy, slightly darker iris where Infusion d'Iris, while also having these facets, is more about the soap and vetiver. Both are very slightly feminine leaning unisex - or maybe just unisex - to my nose. I slightly favour Bois as an incense fan, but Infusion is really worth my attention - and probably yours, too.

A Grace Kelly of fragrance. Pretty. Aloof. Never really allowed to reach full potential. Works best, and most interestingly, I think, as a masculine.

In the beginning was the iris. A clean, bright but restrained iris, which is given added light by hints of orange blossom or mandarin but only very faintly. The occasional fresh laundry-character moment is notable.

Soon a gently spicy note of benzoin and galbanum adds a bit more depth, which at times has an undertone w white pepper and suede. The iris breaks through here and there for a while before the spices take over.

During the second half of the development a cedarwood arises that is equally restrained, but dominates the mix towards the end.

I get soft sillage, limited projection, and six hour of longevity on my skin - with liberal application.

A summer floral scent, a decent iris creation but lacking vividness and texture, and the performance is nothing to write home about. 2.75/5

Lovely fresh summer scent,iris and galbanum,very green and citrussy clean, powdery but not dated. Gentle woody dry down. I have the EDP and body lotion and shower gel. Layering together does improve the longevity. Favourite holiday perfume.

It's not bad, but I don't get much more than a nice eau de Cologne citrus fragrance. Where is the powder of the iris? I don't get it, really.

Iris...., a pleasure.

You know, I've been a determined musk(y)-lady pretty much all my fragrance-life, save my current "Just Cavalli Gold for Her (2014)" (which has your roots), and never really considerered much else ....

My nose is by no means a trained one, but is very capable of transmitting a "yes" or "no" to my likes. In this case it is an "alright then".

This version of you is "bright" and the musks I know of have "depth". Tell me do you (any version) and "mr. musk" have a "lovechild" together, an elegant "eloquent" one.

I don't think this is a fragrance made to impress, but it certainly is a very pleasant one. A light and very welcome "Nice" scent.

I consider this to be the feminine equivalent of Gentleman Givenchy EdP (2018).

This is one of the scents I wear when I need something I always enjoy and that works for any weather and any occasion. It starts out with a bright, juicy burst of lemony-orange citrus (the notes say mandarin), then there are wafts of orange blossom, incense and dry cedar, underpinned by a sheer powdery iris. It is very radiant, but not loud, like a veil of scent. On me it lasts all day, but fades in an out so you catch whiffs of it periodically, but if you sniff your wrist it feels very soft and close to the skin. It dries down to a soft woody skin scent. Love it.

Open with a great iris,great frankincennse and cedar . It's a very great fragrance ,one of the best.

Love this fragrance. I'm not typically a fan of Prada scents but this Infusion d'Iris has me hooked.
I'm not typically a fan of powdery scents but this is in a class of it's own.
Iris essence is the MOST expensive ingredient in the world of perfume ....It takes many pounds of iris to make one drop of Iris essential. Which is why it is relatively rare to get such a strong Iris scent as this one.

Try spraying the EDP all over and then mixing it up with a drop of Oud oil on your wrist for a very interesting and sophisticated combination!

Prada has a line of perfumes similiar to Infusion d”Iris that contain cedar and one has carnation. Try them all.

Iris's texture
Became that of a fabric
Because of this scent.

I was very dubious about iris fragrances, but was sent a sample. I tried it and loved it! It was so great I got another sample. I finished the first one, and put the second one away for a while. When I pulled the second one out again and tried it, I didn't love it as much. It smelled a bit too chemical and powdery on the second round. However, with a light hand, I used up at the second sample. It's quite a good fragrance for Spring. I probably won't go out of my way to get another sample, but if I happened across one, I'd probably use it.

To be honest I wasn't a fan of Prada fragrances and based on some experiences that I had before from the brand I didn't have any hope for this but this one changed my point of view completely about the brand! a great fragrance that aimed for women market but I think a guy can easily pull this off if you're into this type of fragrances.

The opening starts off with a green and soapy aroma mixed with strong musk right beside it that it doesn't smell sweet at all. a green, clean and musky scent followed by mellow smell of spices in the background. as far as the overall feel it's a classic scent. it doesn't smell modern at all but for unknown reason it makes me extremely happy!
The soapy aura smells more like aldehydes rather than neroli or orange blossom and there is a strong beautiful iris mixed with it that creates an elegant powdery feel. also musk has a very important role in this fragrance right from the start to the last minutes on your skin. that spicy aura in the background feels like the smell of a big spice shop when you open the door and going in and suddenly the smell of all those spices in the shop rushes to your nose.

In the mid the spicy aura settles down quite of bit while musk gets a little stronger and with smooth sweetness and now … incense shows up! the mid of the fragrance is a mellow smoky, powdery, green and soapy aroma with a little sweetness from musk that smells extremely elegant and lovely! no changes till the end. only it gets smoother and slightly sweeter.

Projection is average and longevity is around 5 hours on my skin. you can wear it all four seasons but it's more suitable for warmer weather because based on my experience it shows more layers and characters in spring and summer which makes it more great!

This is one of the best designer fragrances released in the last 10 years.

I have a bottle of Infusion d'Iris and although I'm not 100% in love with it, I can't quite bring myself to sell it because it plays a very useful part in my fragrance wardrobe.

Specifically, I use it after a cold shower on a hot day, when its chilly, citrusy scent provides a most welcome cooling sensation on my skin.

Then again, since moving from Montenegro to Ireland, I'm not entirely sure I will ever be hot ever again. Or indeed, warm.

Infusion d'Iris opens with tart citrus and thin, almost austere woods, reminding me more of a cup of chilled green tea than a true iris fragrance. Then the iris shows up midway through, a pale grey root infusion, like the water in which iris roots have been soaking. It smells clean and slightly soapy, like the scented air in the bathroom after a good soak in the bath with Epsom salts.

Later on, there is a hint of leather – a thin, discreet leather note – and a vetiver that shows off its cool, minty side. Gossamer-fine in texture, there is a pleasing bitterness to it that reminds me of similarly chilly and crisp colognes, like Cologne Blanche by Dior, which I also like very much. Both display a cooling, “white” character, like a metallic white wine quaffed straight from the fridge and so cold it makes your teeth chatter.

Infusion d'Iris is just effortlessly classy, and it will never be out of my summer wardrobe. Function over form on this one, for me.

An elegant, light, dry iris.

Perfectly blended and quite understated, this is an exceptionally good iris. The hint of leather is there, but only lightly. It is the first Prada I have sampled and it is quite impressive.

One of my very favorite scents is Serge Lutens' Iris Silver Mist with its rich suede/leather aura. Prada's is the palest reflection of ISM, a veil of scent rather than a tailored garment.

It may have been created for women, but it in my opinion quite unisex, and very affordable as well. Good news on both counts.

Well done!

This is a lovely spring scent -- crisp, clean, and delicately floral. It can be a bit intense at first in the parfum version. I actually prefer the cologne version of this one, as it is watered down to the exact balance I like in terms of the scent intensity. Unfortunately, the cologne version does not last very long. It seems to disappear in about an hour. If I go with the eau de parfum, I find it too intense / overwhelming and feel like washing it off by hour two! So I go with the cologne and enjoy it while it lasts, knowing our time together will be brief yet very pleasant. I go through the bottles of this cologne very quickly. But I always have fond memories of that first hour when it smelled perfect.

A classy gem I neglected for too long, I used to own Infusion d'Homme some years ago and got rid of it since it smelled too light and a bit dull for me - and I thought this was just its feminine counterpart (therefore even lighter and – not to sound sexist – probably duller). I was so wrong! This is so better than that – and ironically, way more suitable for men. Easily however this is one of the nicest iris-based scents on the market for me, especially of the fresher/gentler sub-family. And even more easily, the best offering by Prada so far, but it didn't take much for that. Infusion d'iris is a tremendously radiant, bright and bracing blend centered on a minimalistic structure of iris petals (no buttery/waxy/lipstick orris root), bergamot, something slightly and elegantly candied-fruity, soft incense and a silky, really discreet base accord of musk and bright vetiver. The notes seem common, their smell isn't at all: the quality is clearly high and unique, particularly more than usual, and you can definitely feel it. All smells clean and light, but decidedly more intense and substantial than one may expect.

The evolution is also really catchy and irresistibly pleasant, moving from a zesty pastel opening of fresh bergamot and bright iris petals through a soapy, stronger central phase centered on iris (blossoming in its earthier-leafier side) and musk, ending on a beautiful vetiver drydown still infused with a powdery touch of iris. Like a really consistent three-movement piece of intimate piano music, with iris being the recurrent theme. And aside from its brilliant evolution, it just smells great - period. And persistent, too: very few perfumes manage to smell this crisp, weightless and luminous keeping some intensity and persistence, and also ending up in being exceedingly perfect for men and women. Probably only the best Ellena's for Hermès managed to do that – and Infusion d'Iris could easily stand among them in fact. Together with Rush for Men, probably one of the best works by Roche-Andrier, showing that exact same feel of discreet, bright, extremely clean sense of quality, refinement and sophistication (now let's all wait until Prada discontinues it to realize that!).


Infusion d'Iris leads you to PRADA mysterious world. most wonderful natural scent.It has class from the begining until the end.a rooty perfume with New innovation.elegant,fresh, mysterious,clean,versatile,exotic, exclusive and appealing.

Infusion d'Iris starts a little sharp but in a mellow way.the heart of the composition features soft and elegant floral notes.the base notes is reminiscent of warm with caressed by the sun as it is quite light and soft on my skin.

This EDP is not quite is perfect for any occasion and great for any time of year too but my recommend is for a business woman at spring and summer. elegant for younger lady.if you are looking for something different, something that you will not smell on every lady you are exactly at the right place.

Infusion d'Iris is beautifully understated. The notes are low key and perfectly balanced. I detect a rooty kind of iris, resins, vetiver and cedar. This is cool and slightly masculine. I also notice a damp quality like moist earth. Devoid of any sweetness, Infusion d'Iris, exudes modernity and quiet strength. A unisex classic.

Who would have thought that Infusion d'Iris would become so popular?

I've been on Fragrantica for years, just joined Basenotes, but I won't be lazy and just copy a previous review!

Infusion d'Iris is popular, I think, because it's easy to wear and can be many things to many people. Iris/woody/vetiver/citrus/floral, it depends on each person which aspect they notice most. Some describe it as slightly soapy, but I don't get that. What I get is a soft, elegant, low key perfume which shares facets with Chanel 19, though it's far more soft, and perhaps Italian in feel with its sunny citrus/orange blossom opening. On me it mostly dries down to a soft iris/vetiver. It has something in common with Chanel's No 19 Poudre but that's a bit more feminine with a sweet musk drydown.

I first bought it in 2008, and back then it was much lighter. They've since released the Absolue (which is also elegant but quite different, a bit darker, more rounded/floral). Since then this version of Infusion d'Iris has been given a bit more backbone - maybe just higher perfume content.

It's been described as a 'Hitchcock blonde' perfume by some, and I can see why, with its subtle greenish elegance, but to me it's very relaxing, and it's the one I reach for when I want to feel relaxed and comfortable in my skin. It's definitely one of my complimented perfumes, I wouldn't be without it!

First time I've tried this scent. I have to say it has a striking resemblance to baby powder... Although others say it smells "flowery" but I smell a powdery scent first and foremost. After it dries and after I've worn it awhile, it has a soft, feminine scent. I smell cedar and iris. It is a soft and delicate scent. Not what I was expecting from other blog entries. I would have to say that if you have an aversion to powdery scents, this may not be the one for you. But if you like a delicate scent similar to something you may smell in a feminine deodorant spray, this is your scent. When I found it, I was looking for "clean" scents, and that's probably how I found this one. I do like it... A lot. But it not an overwhelmingly floral scent.

I have chemistry that amps certain musks, "fresh" accords, melon accords, aquatics...and I first noticed with Bulgari's The Vert that some apparently subtle, quietly green scents could absolutely go nuclear on me, and last, unevolved and shrieking, into the next day. I've had this problem with the EDT of Infusion d'Iris.

But the old EDP is a different story! It's serenity in a bottle, soft and deep and powdery and contemplative, like Japanese temple incense. As it opens up, the sweet-ish yeastiness of the iris note reminds me an awful lot of L'Heure Bleue's iris. So while it's resolutely un-fussy and understated and unisex - modern in that way - it's also got the singular feel of a scent that exists outside of time.

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