Infusion d'Iris 
Prada (2007)

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Infusion d'Iris by Prada

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Infusion d'Iris is a women's perfume launched in 2007 by Prada

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Reviews of Infusion d'Iris by Prada

There are 101 reviews of Infusion d'Iris by Prada.

I can totally understand why this gets compared to Chanel N°19 Poudré, however, I think they are more like siblings than twins. I feel like this fragrance leans a little more unisex than Poudré, which is totally feminine to my nose. I think you can own both without feeling like you have too much of an overlap between the two, especially since I feel like they both give off a different vibe. While Poudré I find to be feminine and pretty, this is a bit more strong minded. For example, as a realtor… I might wear Poudré to a settlement in the office, and I would opt for infusion d’iris for negotiations…. To give off that strength and confidence. I find the neroli more apparent in this one, which is maybe part of what’s giving that slightly bitter strength… and this also has a little bit more of a clean and soapy (in a good way) feel to it. I honestly love both and I’m happy to have both.

Infusion d'Iris has grown on me, from neutral in 2012 to a real appreciation of it's quiet, calm, ‘go everywhere' personae. It's versatility, from office to dinner, with aplomb, is quite a feat, really.
It always smells put together, self-possessed, elegant, in a pleasant, unassuming way. So I find myself using it more and more, as I trust it now to deliver in nearly all situations.
On my skin, the predominant note is a cool but personable soft Iris and very complementary musk-vetiver-wood. My favorite part of Infusion d'Iris are when these notes are in balance. If I have a quibble with Infusion d'Iris, it's that when the iris starts dissipating, the musky element becomes more apparent, and I prefer the balance between the two, rather than a musky iris. It's not a large flaw, but enough to take it from 5 to 4 stars in my mind.

So serene, so calm, so calming and so elegant - it's the scent of a smart woman who has her shit together. That, together with this being a non-intrusive, clean, soapy and polite perfume makes it an amazing work scent. It just cuts through all the crap of the day and presents you this calm, soapy, incensy and slightly irisy-powdery (just a tiny touch of powdery! more soapy! powder-enemies, don't fret!) vetiver scent. You smell it and it all gets better.

I had a mini bottle of this and upon using half of it gave it as a thank you gesture to another woman who wanted it (and this generous woman was well worth it), but I'd gladly welcome a bigger bottle of this again in my wardrobe some day. For now, I am very happy with Bois d'Iris by Van Cleef and Arpels which to my nose is a sister scent to Infusion d'Iris. They both have very similar mood, they're both quiet, introspective and easy to wear, but Bois d'Iris is a more woody and incensy, slightly darker iris where Infusion d'Iris, while also having these facets, is more about the soap and vetiver. Both are very slightly feminine leaning unisex - or maybe just unisex - to my nose. I slightly favour Bois as an incense fan, but Infusion is really worth my attention - and probably yours, too.

A Grace Kelly of fragrance. Pretty. Aloof. Never really allowed to reach full potential. Works best, and most interestingly, I think, as a masculine.

In the beginning was the iris. A clean, bright but restrained iris, which is given added light by hints of orange blossom or mandarin but only very faintly. The occasional fresh laundry-character moment is notable.

Soon a gently spicy note of benzoin and galbanum adds a bit more depth, which at times has an undertone w white pepper and suede. The iris breaks through here and there for a while before the spices take over.

During the second half of the development a cedarwood arises that is equally restrained, but dominates the mix towards the end.

I get soft sillage, limited projection, and six hour of longevity on my skin - with liberal application.

A summer floral scent, a decent iris creation but lacking vividness and texture, and the performance is nothing to write home about. 2.75/5

Lovely fresh summer scent,iris and galbanum,very green and citrussy clean, powdery but not dated. Gentle woody dry down. I have the EDP and body lotion and shower gel. Layering together does improve the longevity. Favourite holiday perfume.

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