Infusion de Vétiver 
Prada (2010)


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Reviews of Infusion de Vétiver by Prada

Light vetiver scent for spring morning walks.
Mar 7, 2019

Tarragon! An unusual culinary spice, and a truly interesting licorice-like herbal sweetness that isn't very common. It has a synergistic effect on the vetiver, bringing forth a more pronounced edge.

A truly green, fresh experience overall, Infusion de Vétiver has added bite from the ginger and pepper and is a very wearable vétiver for both genders.
Oct 2, 2018

A very nicely constructed, mild vetiver from Prada. Bright tarragon and pepper on the opening, with the vetiver really somewhat hidden. The middle has a very sweet, almost floral like ginger that brings forward the vetiver lightly. The middle of the fragrance is really rather special as far as vetiver goes, with an excellent brightness, making it a great day wear option. Sillage is mild and longevity is close to 4 hours on skin, much longer if sprayed on clothes.
I enjoyed wearing Prada Vetiver, and want to wear my sample on a warmer day as I feel it will really present itself. I'd consider a bottle of this over many more expensive vetiver fragrances. Quite nice and a thumbs up.
Feb 9, 2018

It's not listed, but I swear there is some cumin in there. It opens with Pepper, Tarragon, and this cumin smell. Not much ginger, not much vetiver. Mid notes are more green, the vetiver and some ginger. A skin scent
Jun 4, 2017

Infusion de Vetiver is not that different from Infusion d'Homme. It's a fresh, crisp vetiver fragrance that will be enjoyed the most by those who like Infusion d'Homme and do not like vetiver. It starts off with a bright presence accentuated by light spices. Bright, airy, there is a subtle vetiver note that creeps in over an anatomy of Infusion d'Homme. It is rather linear thereafter, and dries down to a base of soft musk and woods, like Infusion d'Homme. Sillage is subtle but present, and duration is about 5-6 hours which is good given its style.

Infusion d'Homme is a personal favourite, and therefore I would rather wear that one than Vetiver. Infusion de Vetiver's best aspect is the incorporation of a mild but zesty ginger note in the beginning that makes it quite refreshing. Still, I do not have the need for Infusion de Vetiver, as I would prefer to wear other vetiver fragrances. It is much less soapy than Infusion d'Homme, and more dry. This might be appreciated by fans of light vetivers such as Grey Vetiver.

May 5, 2017

Dare I say it, but Infusion de Vetiver is better than the original Infusion d'Homme. And for one simple reason: There isn't the sticky, throat-searing benzoin note that ruins Infusion d'Homme for me.

Otherwise, they are very similar fragrances on my skin: very soapy and with a lot of vetiver. Light, clean, and inoffensive - but then again, many want those attributes in a fragrance anyway.
Jun 12, 2016

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