Infusion d'Amande 
Prada (2015)

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Reviews of Infusion d'Amande by Prada

There are 5 reviews of Infusion d'Amande by Prada.

Like a delicate lady who wearing clear lip gloss, big hoop earrings and dark eye-make up with wispy pieces of hair escaping her ponytail and falling in front of her is soft and powdery scent.there is nothing shouting here-it's just a beautiful symphony of blended notes.this is sweet and wonderfully powdery that almond is just divine when you spray it on skin you are surrounded by this beautiful cloud of powdery vanilla that is not at all's the sister of Infusion d'Iris.

To me the powder smells like sugared vanilla almond powder, with the barest hints of fresh anise in the top notes,then a sweet underlying floral heliotrope in the middle,and as the base emerges a hint of musk and tonka bean.on the dry down, the almond remains sweet and edible throughout without ever being cloying,and the vanilla is powdery,comforting is certainly the mellow and rich composition that brings a comfort feeling.IDA is for intimate, enchanted moments,with the beloved one.
Jun 16, 2021

Almond and heliotrope centric perfume. Straight forward. Airy, like a cloud. Slight anise note that seems more like ginger or cinnamon to me. Big Tonka emerges later. Later, a gentle musk. Nice!
Nov 23, 2018

The addition of
Almond elastomers to
Linen of iris

Gave a blue tint to
Sexy saintly macaroons
Without damaging

Their sterility
Or their soft, crunchy sweetness
Or so it sure smelled.

Fresh from no oven
Lunarossyl alcohol
Filled the air of some

Medically fresh
Patisserie of iris
Delivering their

Floral marzipan
In oblate hemispheroids
To smiling smelling.

I wasn't quite sure
I was actually there
I guess that's the point.
Oct 5, 2018

Bittersweet almond takes charge in Infusion d'Amande unisex fragrance.

So thoughtfully crafted, utilizing the naturally sweet heliotrope to subtly accent the almond as well as the licorice goodness of anise and roasted vanilla-like tonka to give some depth. The musk is tastefully incorporated, not too bestial at all. Does have a powdery quality some may not gravitate to.

Oct 2, 2018

Don't normally like to review a scent until I have 'Lived' with it, however this one made an immediate impression.
A delightful, subtle fresh baked almond marzipanne vanilla. Think of a perfectly baked cherry Bakewell tart. This is exactly how I hoped the Prada interpretation of Almond would be. A comfort scent that remains classy. Imagine a domestic goddess producing perfect baking and somehow staying classy and impeccably made up.
More of a feminine scent in my opinion. A great gourmand along the conceptual lines of Lutens' jeux de peau. If this was in a Guerlain bottle people would pay a fortune for it.
As stated at the outset I've not lived with this one. But wanted to give a first impression due to lack of reviews so far. Hope my initial love will last and not turn out to be an ill-advised fling.
Jul 24, 2015

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