The company says:

Aziyadé, a young Circassian harem girl imprisoned in an oriental palace, embodies the unreachable and sensual beauty of which every man dreams. The word “inédite” means “unpublished” in French, like the story the young author in love with Aziyadé didn’t dare tell. The sweet seduction of sugared almonds warms up into a harmony of vanilla and roses, reminding us of those spicy sweets so adored by oriental beauties. Aziyadé was the impossible love of famous writer and naval officer Pierre Loti, who desperately yearned for this unreachable beauty, imprisoned in an oriental palace in 19th century Byzantium.

Inédite / L'Eau Neuve Inédite fragrance notes

  • Head

    • mandarin, bergamot, pink pepper, coriander, cinnamon
  • Heart

    • clove, heliotrope, lilac, nectarine, damask rose, cabbage rose
  • Base

    • vanilla, iris, patchouli, cedar, white musk

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Latest Reviews of Inédite / L'Eau Neuve Inédite

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Surprising combination of bitter and pungent with sweet but cold notes, at the opening. Difficult to describe. This is a very positive point as I really like abstract and not easily recognisable notes. So, well chosen the name of this frag, really "inedite" and original.
17th March 2013
If I may quote directly from my sample card:

"With a top note of rose water, fresh and pure like a Sicilian orange, Inédite is a sweet, spicy creation adorned with a floral accord of heliotrope, lilac and rose, and topped with a fruity note of nectarine. Vanilla, iris and patchouli transform the sweet seduction of dragée sweets into an aroma of spices. Exuding sensual Circassian beauty accented with notes of cinnamon, pepper and coriander, cedar and musk base notes make its Eastern-inspired foundation even more irresistible."

L'Eau Neuve Inédite is subtitled 'Dragées of Aziyadé', and it's easy to visualise pastel-hued sugared almonds while smelling this deliciously subtle fragrance. There's a hint of pencil-shavings in there (possibly from the cedar), but I find this enhances the composition. Citric fruitiness is noticeable in the initial spray, then the florals blend seamlessly with spices, woods and musk to create the enchanting dragée effect. After several minutes, if I wave my wrist around I get wafts of rosewater - nice!

To my nose, this is pleasantly understated, delicate and feminine fragrance.
1st April 2012