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Indomable by Morph

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Indomable is a shared scent launched in 2015 by Morph

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There are 1 reviews of Indomable by Morph.

A slathered-in-syrup oud that will only appeal to those who are not put off by this overindulgent style – and there are many who are irresistibly drawn to it, like ants on the scent trail of a dropped piece of baklava. I used to run the other way, until my nose got a little less uptight about what it thought it liked, and now I'm willing to be turned. This one, I find, would be nice to scratch the occasional sugar craving, not something I'd reach for often. It's direct – the saturated sweetness is the main event, and it isn't messed around with by including weird off-notes for ‘interest'. Instead there's some synthetic oud for greater body and vanilla in pure candy mode (no dark earthy mysteries to dwell on here). To round things off, some sympathetic patchouli and a hint of cloves and almonds. It's a red velvet job – tacky in a souvenir shop context, but can be made to work in dim lighting.

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