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About Indolis by Areej le Doré

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Areej le Doré
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Russian Adam

The company says:

Full of indolic Indonesian florals, Indolis is an aromatic oriental creation with an unusual blue character.

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Reviews of Indolis by Areej le Doré

There are 3 reviews of Indolis by Areej le Doré.

Genre: Floral

For me, Areej le Doré fragrances have largely been about enjoying beautiful raw materials, as opposed to compositional interest, and Indolis is a good case in point. I see this as a lovely white flower accord, set off by a potent, bitter green note that just manages to keep the whole construct from teetering over the brink of overly sweet. And that’s it. No matter how complex the pyramid, the end result here smells relatively simple. Lush, yes, but neither complicated nor in any way particularly original. To put it another way, the apparent olfactory depth and the considerable attraction that Indolis holds for me stem from the materials themselves, rather than the manner in which they are used. This is not necessarily a bad thing. As with cuisine, there is much to be said for selecting fine ingredients, and then allowing them to speak for themselves.

(As an aside, I don't smell much obvious indole here. Not, at least, in the manner of Lush's Lust or Serge Lutens's Fleur d'Oranger.)
Jul 3, 2018

I wore Indolis today and I just had to say how spectacular it is! Such a wonderful job of blending. I don't know how I could enjoy a fragrance more than I did Indolis today. It has the white florals, but they are mixed so well with the frankincense, ginger, citrus, pineapple, sandalwood, oakmoss, etc. that it just rocks my sense of smell! Masterful job by Russian Adam with this one!

Right off the bat there is a nice white floral. However, I am also picking up spices. I know the ginger and olibanum are listed in the mids, but I am getting them after 15 minutes on my skin and I love it! A hint of lime as well, which pleases me greatly! Dare I say I love Indolis so far? I didn't think I would based on the comments I've seen that it's just basically a white floral, but there is much, much more going on for me in this first wearing. Something weird is that I showered with Dove soap this morning and the Indolis is mixing with the smell of the Dove soap, and the outcome is rather intoxicating! I think I'm going to need at least a nice decant of Indolis! I'm so grateful there's no musk in this one, as I love it just the way it is!
May 5, 2018

Very nicely assembled Green and White Floral. Blue Character? Well I don't know. First blast of Jasmine carries a little Indol, however this scent remains pretty and naturally green, throughout it's life, on my skin. Galbanum takes a bite at my nostrils and then settles back to the canvas. Tonka and Benzoin lends it's sweet warm blanket. The fruit is beautifully placed as to only hint of the Exotic, Tropical. Lavender sweeps in at moments, haylike and dry. The real joy of this, is the absence of chemical enhancement, which offers a pleasing dreaminess. Has me happy, not blue. But then, Jasmine Indol always has me smile.
Apr 26, 2018

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