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Individuel by Montblanc

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Individuel is a men's fragrance launched in 2003 by Montblanc

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Reviews of Individuel by Montblanc

There are 92 reviews of Individuel by Montblanc.

Sexy, inexpensive, long lasting and chicks love it! Two thumbs up if I could. Now I know why Creed copied this for Original Santal. Awesome stuff.

What's the point of hiring a top talent to do your fresh woody Amber
and giving him a budget of glass cleaner to work with?

I really like this. The raspberry topnote is fun and the drydown not bad, if a tad synthetic. Cinnamon note works fine for me. Individuel is light and a compliment-getter (others like it)—and can easily be worn by a man or woman. It’s like Joop! for the office. Great for almost every season and wears well in the heat too. I could see this as a signature scent for someone younger and just starting with fragrances. And for $20-25, not breaking the bank. Love the bottle too.

Imagine to sit next to a window, covered by a blanket doused with this fragrance, drinking some spicy hot chocolate.this is the scent of optimistic and successful of the most potent of all the Mont Blanc I've tried.the dominant cinnamon note is not as dry and natural as it is in Clive Christian's X for a whole,it is in the same vein as Spicebomb.

Synthetic, metallic,clean yet warm and a bit fruity and a bit spicy interpretation of yummy sandalwood with an astonishing touch of warm cinnamon and lavender and with a wisper of amber,vanilla and patchouli.the spicy oriental fruitiness sits so well in the cold weather.just a couple of sprays will definitely work even in a tropical country at night.Individuel smells awesome for it's price.performance is well above average with good projection.

To understand Mont Blanc Individuel think of Joop! Homme as a playful, brash adolescent. Then a few years later that playful adolescent has grown up and matured a bit, now what you have is Mont Blanc Individuel. A less bold, more mature version of Joop! Homme with the sweetness turned down a few notches. I'm not a big fan of the opening of Mont Blanc Individuel as it is very synthetic to my nose, synthetic in a very plasticky kind of way. But in the opening I do get a hint of the chocolate and as the scent dries down it starts to improve a lot. To me it is warm, slightly spicy at the beginning of the dry down, with chocolate, cinnamon and raspberry. As it settles more the scent becomes a powdery vanilla and raspberry. The dry down of this fragrance is where it's at, it seems to lose a lot of the synthetic plasticky vibe and become more settled, sweet and powdery. It doesn't seem too sweet (like Joop! or 1 Million) but I imagine that if you over sprayed it, especially on warm day it may become cloying. This is a fragrance for a guy in his 20s to early 30s, not to say an older man can't wear it but it does seem more suited to younger men. The performance is very good I get at least 6 hours of wear with arm length projection. Overall Mont Blanc Individuel is an alright fragrance with good performance but not an amazing scent. I'd give it 3/5, if the opening were better I'd probably give it a 4.

This smells really good…it reminds me of Bulgari Soir, but more fruity and dense. It’s linear but not boring. Thumbs up.

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