Index Fig Apricot fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Turkish apricot, Peach skin, Lychee
  • Heart

    • Fig leaf, Petitgrain, Dandelion
  • Base

    • Green tea, Musk, Marine notes

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Apricot 70% Fig 30 % a bit too sweet for my taste. The try down is sweet musky. Good if you like really sweet (like really sweet) fruity stuff
11th April 2010
I tried this in summer and liked it; then bought it. Now I find it cloying. My friend who works at Fresh told me that one's body chemistry changes throughout the year and thats why I feel differently about it. An expensive mistake on my part.
3rd November 2009

Thumbs way up. It's not niche, it's not made of holy dung that was blessed by two blind twin monks in a place no one can pronounce, it's not worn by royalty. It just smells good. It's youthful, enticing, approachable, soft, fresh, feminine. A lovely fragrance. I can't imagine this one offending anyone.
12th May 2008
I cant get enough of this perfume!Out of all the fresh index scents this one is the best. It is definatly more "peach" than it is "apricot", so I find it strange its not called "Peach-fig". I also found that this fragrance lasts longer than most of the other index fragrances. This is a very non-confrontational scent that most anyone would like.
4th March 2006
Fig Apricot is a great fruity, fig and musk fragrance from the people at Fresh. The apricot is distinct, the fig note is potent but not too much so, and it's rounded off with a nice, light green tea note. It is wears a little more transparent than most from Fresh, but it is still there even if you cannot smell it strongly. For a fruity take on a fig fragrance or if you'd like a fig fragrance that isn't so in your face like Philosykos, try Fig Apricot. At times it smells a little like an apricot peach roll up. It's very nice.Top Notes: Turkish Apricot, Peach Skin, Lychee Middle Notes: Fig Leaf, Petitgrain, Dandelion Base Notes: Green Tea, Musc, Marine Notes
5th November 2004