Incense Rosé 
Tauer (2008)

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Incense Rosé by Tauer

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Incense Rosé is a shared scent launched in 2008 by Tauer

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Reviews of Incense Rosé by Tauer

There are 56 reviews of Incense Rosé by Tauer.

Beautiful scent, of a non-smoky and not ecclesiastical incense but resinous and green, dry and sharp that accompanies a light and not juicy or dark rose , but light and soapy too; I think the name is very appropriate, it is a pink incense, in the sense that having to associate a color with it, it would be pink. For the whole duration, I believe the undeclared aldehydes are complicit, the perfume maintains a soapy, clean, clear and transparent connotation, while leaving both the rose and the dry, green and bitter-tending incense very perceptible (from this point of view , shares many peculiarities with the predecessor Incense Extreme, of course I would say ...). I can't distinguish all the other notes, the opening ones then really last a nanosecond on my skin so I don't even consider them. For me it is a perfume that, in spite of its genre, should be experienced especially in summer, because I feel it very cold. Unisex for me, more on feminine side but i wear it!

A spicy rose with some citruses (probably the clementine) fighting for dominance. The castoreum gives the cardamom and clementine a punch, but it's not overly animalic. There's enough incense and myrrh to ground it and add some depth. The woods aren't really dominant but they linger in the background. I think some resins come out in the drydown.

Unfortunately, I don't really reach for this anymore. It's a fascinating smell, don't get me wrong. I'm happy to try another Tauer fragrance since they have complexity and richness. However, the citrusy elements of the rose and clementine are sort of clashing with the incense. This is quality, but I wish it leaned in one direction. This feels like it's stuck in the middle of rose/citrus and amber/incense. Either add more rose and make it floral or add more incense and make it woodier.

Performance is great so go easy on the trigger. This is good for the winter and fall. It's a bit too dense for summer and can become cloying. Give it a sample if you think you'll like it.

Received a sample. It smells like coke a cola and artificial rose on me. I thought I would love it because I like L' Air du Desert Marocain but it lacks the complexity and the lovely dry down. I'm realizing now why it took me so long to like LADDM. It's that first flash of coke. If you are old enough you may remember the smell of the first Rexall Drug Stores. It was a mix of pharmaceuticals, , the soda fountain and rose scented soaps. On the plus side Incense Rose' does not lead with the pharmaceutical notes as does LADDM!

Opens up heavy on incense paired with a fresh rose. There is something sharp/screeching in the background, maybe synthetic woods. It goes all incense and rose with a woody backbone for about 5 hours when it starts to be a bit sweeter and resin like; it's not that screechy anymore and the myrrh and resins take a central stage while incense still goes strong. After 8 hours, just hoovering above the skin a blend of sweet incense with resinous touches and the synthetic woods which are back. I enjoy the most the middle part, but it doesn't change my final opinion: this is a mediocre scent that overall seems like an initial attempt, almost like a work in progress.

I expected to at least like Incense Rose, since I love rose and incense. I find Incense Rose to be a pretty linear and well composed accord of rose, woods and incense. It's engaging and has a good presence; however, there's also something extremely sharp, shrill and abrasive in this that persists throughout. I could be wrong, but it smells like something that comes from the woods or the incense (rather than the rose). It's shrill, sharp attribute is also present, albeit to a much lesser degree, in Thirty-Three, a composition I enjoy. It's too amplified in Incense Rose, and overbears everything else. Additionally, Incense Rose smells not dissimilar to certain varieties of paan and paan masala from the subcontinent. I think Incense Rose has good sillage and duration, but I could have been distracted because of my experience.

Incense Rose is perhaps best suited for those looking for rose with sharp woods and incense. It's dark and hyper dry. More of a beast than a beauty, but then, beauty lies in the nose of the beerholder. Definitely sample first.


My first time with a Tauer fragrance. I am very impressed! I will definitely have to try more of Andy's creations.

What a lovely incense-rose scent this is! The top notes of clementine, bergamot, cardamom, and rose are, for lack of a better word - awesome! I get a faint aroma of cola from somewhere, briefly, then it is gone. Maybe from the middle notes?

The base of this, is what really makes me swoon. I mean, they are fairly "common" basenotes: patchouli, cedar, vetiver, incense, resins, myrrh. Somehow they smell more ethereal. More perfect.

The whole thing reminds of the Victorian era. A scent that would be worn by an upper class Lady...

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