Incense Oud 
By Kilian (2011)

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Incense Oud by By Kilian

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Incense Oud is a shared scent launched in 2011 by By Kilian

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Reviews of Incense Oud by By Kilian

There are 30 reviews of Incense Oud by By Kilian.

Imagine you are in a medieval balsam forest. silent monks pass by,each carrying a thurible.smoke from sweet incense rolling out of it's silver chambers. a warm breeze of oud stirs the air, bringing a hint of rose with patchouli. probably from their dark ceremonial cloaks adorned with garlands.this is Incense Oud!

Incense Oud with the incense easily the stand out.the oud note is definitely there but more in the background than the amber.rose,with the saffron and incense keep this warm and oriental right through to the conclusion about 6 hours after first is a winter night suit fragrance,formal and also great for wedding parties when it's foggy at night.

My First review on Basenotes!

I am admittedly a Kilian Paris fanboy. I do not dislike any of his scents. Some are meh, but the vast majority are fantastic. With that being said, Incense Oud is my favorite from the house. I like to think this is what catholic churches in the middle east smell like. When I first sprayed it all I got was the oud...which I hate. After first wearing my mind was changed. Frankincense and myrrh with a touch of oud to even it out. Projection and sillage are both amazing. I still smell it when I am pulling stuff out of the clothes I wore the day before. BtV Notting hill is very similar, but Notting Hill has a stronger wood scent. My favorite from the house and could be my overall favorite/signature scent.

During my discovery phase of the phenomenon known as oud fragrances, Kilian's Incense Oud was one of the first to catch my attention. From the fancy box to the gorgeous bottle, when I first saw it at a local Saks Fifth Avenue, I just had to try it.

I must say that Incense Oud resembles several other oud scents that I have tried, with its inclusion of pink pepper and Turkish rose. At this level of observation, Incense Oud - so far - is lovely and safe but not unique.

But, as others have pointed out, this has layers of character which sticks its head out over time. I find a luxurious smoky incense, dense spices, as well as the requisite band-aid-like oud note. It truly is a well-crafted niche fragrance worthy of inspection.

At first sniff this seemed boring, linear, safe, pretty, and almost completely inoffensive. Over time it's revealed itself to be a study in contrasts - an ethereal, light otherworldly incense on one hand, earthy wood and spices on the other. Grapefruit and a creamy rose bridge the divide, if it's possible to say that. It's more like etheric fields overlapping briefly to me. On some wearings it's cool and poised and on others it's hot, giving the impression of a sauna. After some time I've realized my own body temperature at the time of application determines this effect so I wait a few minutes after a really hot shower if I don't want that steamy effect.

This scent transports me and always puts a smile on my face. That first whiff affects my overall impression of the experience even though it dissipates quickly. Like the opening chord of Black Sabbaths "Paranoid" you only hear it once but your brain convinces you you're hearing it for the entire song.

People who reject this for its lack of "real" oud relative to its high price are missing the point-there's nothing else out there this good, this sleek and elegant, and downright beautiful that is so wearable on a daily basis. I have many other colognes and edp's in my collection but this negates the need to wear a lot of them, that have elements in common, but are not nearly as good. I definitely don't and probably couldn't wear this every day but I find myself reaching for it a lot!

Longevity from the original bottle is stellar, compared to other samples and decants I've owned. I can smell this on myself 12 hours later no problem.

Solid, consistent performer, versatile, enjoyable and eminently wearable scent!

The main focus is on the frankincense and the gorgeous opening adds oud and spices. These will fade leaving space to a dirty patchouli paired with a thick, sweet rose and a resinous base. The blend is addictive, classy, elegant.

By Kilian doesn't grab me, but Incense Oud is inoffensively wearable. It smells like rose with a modern, dark mix of incense, wood, and/or oud-like accords.

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