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Simonetta Visconti (1955)

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Simonetta Visconti was a little remembered fashion designer, who began her career in Rome in 1946 and later moved to Paris. Her first scent (of two I know) was released through Prince Matchabelli, though he gave her full credit in packaging and design.

The bottle design, a tiny opaque, black inkwell shape, is striking as are the beautiful pair of boxes which surrounded it, the one round, the other square. It's a rare find on Etsy or Ebay.

Incanto, from 1955, is a woody, floral fragrance. The oakmoss is predominant upon first exposure to nips. A tobacco/leather fragrance sweetly insinuates itself around the moss, mellowing it. Then the rose, jasmine and vanilla round it out. The impression is that of a bright, spicy, yet darkly floral chypre - joyful, but at the same time serious.
Mar 6, 2017

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