In Love With Everything fragrance notes

    • raspberry, citrus pulp, coconut palm sugar, sandalwood, tropical punch, stardust

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In Love with Everything is the most recent Imaginary Authors release (from late 2022), an exuberant blend featuring raspberry, citrus pulp, coconut palm sugar, and a sort of general rosy sandalwood blend that both keeps the perfume in focus and prevents it from being 100% a gourmand, even if it is still mostly so. It has a bit of the “summery refreshing cocktail” vibe that makes Saint Julep so alluring, albeit without the more prominent booziness of SJ. ILWE is certainly a bit denser than SJ, also, while still having a great balance of sweetness, sharpness, and freshness. ILWE is aptly named as its joy and easygoingness makes it easy to love, a mood-lifting versatile blend that feels at home in any situation or season or any wearer. It’s an easy option to recommend both as introduction to the house of Imaginary Authors and to niche/independent perfumery in general. Certainly an instant love from first sniff.

Like the rest of the line, In Love with Everything has the same excellent Imaginary Authors pricing of $95 for 50ml in EDP concentration, and it’s available in the usual points of sale like my go-to boutique, Perfumology, and the IA website itself.

8 out of 10
1st March 2023
This scent is the embodiment of juvenile It comically sweet to the point of feeling your own tooth rot away in real time alongside possible diabetes, feels like something you would fine label on a yankee candle like the rest of the houses offerings
2nd February 2023