Imperial Tea 
By Kilian (2014)

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Reviews of Imperial Tea by By Kilian

Incredibly true to form jasmine tea perfume. Two notes, spot on and not much more. While it may seem boring to some, I have enjoyed wearing this for the simplicity and realistic notes encompassed in this perfume. Longevity is at least 8+ hours, although it is more of a skin scent than anything, but one that I have found comforting. Maybe it's my body chemistry as others have noted it was short lived, but it was an all-day perfume for me. Definitely one I plan to seek out full bottle.
Jan 12, 2020

Pro: finally a true tea smell.

It's photo-realistic jasmine tea fragrance, with reasonable sillage & longevity, not those f*ing citrus or white floral or spicy fake tea. I mean, seriously, if you advertise for a tea perfume, you better f*ing put tea in it.

Con: There is nothing else. Not too much depth. In fact, none at all.

Frankly speaking, I'd expect Demeter make this type of scent (linear, realistic).
Aug 30, 2017

I am deeply, fully moved by this scent. I've never considered spending this kind of money on a fragrance before, but after sampling it, I have begun socking cash away for it. However, I'm so hooked, that I keep buying decants!
As a newbie, I struggle to do a walkthrough on this one because it seems pretty straightforward. But not boring. The art, in my opinion, is in the ability to recreate the experience of smelling a cup of Jasmine pearls steeping in steaming water. Literally.
My minor complaint, which isn't against the perfumist, is that it doesn't last as long as I'd like. It lasts a solid two hours, then another four hours of dancing in and out and around, sometimes barely perceptible. Something about the dance it does makes it all the more appreciable: the anticipation of the next wave makes it worthwhile when it shows up.

I love it. I can't wait to purchase a full bottle!
Jan 1, 2017

This is a deeply earthly, beautifully floral jasmine tea with a hint of tannins and soap. This is, by far, the most authentic jasmine tea scent I have had the pleasure of experiencing. It makes me think of Gongfu tea service.

The only downside to this is that it doesn't last as long as I hoped. 3-4 hours on dry skin in central heating environment.

Beautifully blended and admirably authentic. Despite it's lack of lasting power, I'd still rather have this in my life than not.
Dec 6, 2016

This is a really nice jasmine tea scent. It kicks off with a mix of grape juice and indoles that's a little weird, but quickly settles into a crowd-pleasing mix of jasmine and green tea.

This is one of those perfumes that feels like it was mixed with a deft hand. A green tea note can easily smell like a cheap spa candle, but the jasmine is perfectly matched, evoking a limpid, relaxed quality while also smelling florid and expensive.

In all, Imperial Tea deserves a thumbs up, but I have to mention that my ultimate queen of jasmine tea perfumes remains Keiko Macheri's Clair Obscur, which is richer, deeper, and more subtly complex.
Jul 26, 2016

If you love jasmine, this is for you. Soapy, with a touch of green in there. My first impression was grapes. I know that sounds weird, but that's what I got from this (guess that's a combination of the jasmine and tea. Linear fragrance that will also work nice in warm weather. Definitely unisex. 7.5/10
Apr 19, 2015

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