Immortelle L'Amour also comes with a matching perfumed tea.

Immortelle L'Amour fragrance notes

  • Head

    • sweet orange, cinnamonvanilla, rooibos tea, wheat absolute, broom, sweet orange, cinnamon
  • Heart

    • rooibos tea, broom
  • Base

    • immortelle, vanilla, wheat

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Genre: Woody Oriental

Immortelle L'Amour is the gourmand-lover's dream. The dark, syrupy warmth of imortelle swirled in vanilla and cinnamon will tempt you to serve this with almond biscotti after your next dinner party. Sweet, decadent and intoxicating, Immortelle L'Amour is something I can imagine wearing on the coldest, wettest winter day - an olfactory hot toddy. If you enjoy sweet gourmand fragrances, you owe it to yourself to sample this. If not, stay away. In many ways Immortelle L'Amour epitomizes this fragrance sub-group.
17th June 2014
Here I go with my gourmand challenge again. How do I wear something edible smelling without getting hungry? I can't do it. This one smells like maple syrup to me. I am a fanatic about maple syrup, refusing to buy any corn-syrup based, artificially flavored imitation, but insisting upon consuming only the pure, expensive boiled-down sap from sugar maple trees. This perfume compels me to make waffles. (Sigh.)
25th April 2008

An immortelle fragrance for those who hated Sables. Really. Very food-y take on the note without the "syrup" effect of Annick Goutal's much loved/much hated rendition on the same theme.The tea note is prominent, and its tannic quality helps to mute (what would otherwise be) the cloying sweetness of the cinnamon and vanilla.A comforting, sexy, intimate frag that Ayala should, by all rights, be marketing to men as well as women. GORGEOUS stuff!
16th January 2008