Reviews of Illusione Bois Nu for Him by Bottega Veneta

I wouldn't call this tropical at all. In fact, it's so similar to the original that I had to go back and test them side by side.

The opening is identical to the original for me. But when you smell the drydown, there is a tropical flower oil smell, the Monoi Oil. It is subtle, but a nice twist on the original.

I think the original is really solid and this is a nice variation. No need to own both, however. Just pick your favorite and that should scratch the itch.

I get good projection for about 4 hours and then it settles and becomes a nice skin scent for about 7-8 hours. The sharp lemon/bergamot sticks around for a good while.
28th February 2023
The Bottega Veneta Illusione Bois Nu-olfactory consistency is quite volatile/benzoinic/ethereal (a la Heeley Agarwood or Maria Lux Deeply), soapy classy and definitely tropical. The "density" (and structure-articulation) is ephemeral and the (initially hesperidic) aroma morphs soon down towards something waving softly in the air, orangy/balmy/rosey, spicy, vaguely waxy, almost candied and finally ambery-musky with an aerial consistency definitely waving silky in the soft wind. The dominant pattern is the tropical Monoi oil which is essentially created from soaking the petals of Tahitian Gardenias, also known as Tiaré flowers, in a coconut oil (the extrait is quite floral and cocconutty exotic for the bliss of our senses and a general sense of dreamy delight). Bois Nu opens quite nerolish and candied (musky/tropical) while quickly morphing towards something even more volatile and aereal (delicataly floral, benzoinic/coconutty and lemony/orangy). Evolution is somewhat faint while spiciness is delicate and perfectly connected to a general musky soapiness. The dry down is quite classy/yuppie and gentle with its tropical vanilla soap and soft green muskiness upon patchouli. A super classy aroma for yachting people really posh and royal in a subtle musky/boisé way.
24th October 2021