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IL by Lancetti

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IL is a men's fragrance launched in 1990 by Lancetti

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There are 8 reviews of IL by Lancetti.

Others have expressed great sadness - as I have also - that this bold, special Italian scent by Lancetti is no longer in production.

"IL" is a period piece, reflecting the wild and extroverted era of the 1990's. Just as the 80's were now making way into an equally brash and experimental new decade, powerhouse fragrances from that era encapsulate the same unabashed spirit and are like time capsules to those of us who've lived through those eras.

"IL" fragrance notes are as follows:
[Top notes]: bergamot, artemisia, neroli, basil, anise and lavender
[Heart notes]: aldehydes, carnation, geranium, clary sage, fern and coriander
[Base notes]: amber, cedar , leather , moss , vetiver and musk

Initial application hits you with an onslaught of tang a la bergamot, neroli, and aldehyde notes. Sweetness mixes with an impressive array of floral and spice notes, as a powerhouse fragrance should!! Appropriate to the Italian legacy of exotic leather craft, the base contributes a fancy leather-wood foundation, helped along by the dry moss, fresh vetiver, and musk.

I concur that this potion reminds me of the original Egoiste by Chanel, which was also a citrus-wood-spice beast (whereas Egoiste Platinum leans towards a different direction with petitgrain / juniper dominance vs. the slap-face tartness filled with scintillating spice within). Ambery, woody, spicy, floral, and aldehydic on purpose, "IL" is meant to draw attention but without the offensive overuse of strong notes per se, as several other brands had introduced back then.

Fougere par excellence, "IL" is a time warp without being totally out of date.

Two scents came to my mind instantly while testing Il by Lancetti: Sandalwood cologne by Geo F. Trumper and, as other reviewers noted, Egoiste by Chanel. As Trumper's Sandalwood has already been somewhere spoken of as one of the many nephews of Egoiste... I guess Chanel is the first reference for this one. The opening is a fairly bold sweet accord of sandalwood, neroli, cinnamon, white musks, carnation, lavender, vanilla, in short a sweet, almost creamy woody-spicy accord with the usual "masculine" flowers. A tad humid too overall. On the base there is a really light mossy-leathery accord, which emerges better on the drydown, although it remains quite sweet, soft and floral for the whole evolution. Refined, really aromatic, a bit sweet but I guess it was the trendy thing back then, a good weekend-nighclubbing scent – not exactly my first choice for office, in other words. A bit derivative and also perhaps outdated, but comparisons aside, a nice scent indeed!


So sad to see this one go. I wore this for years and it got a ton of compliments. A very confident, manly scent. IL was a winner, for sure.

A sadly discontinued intoxicating ambery-musky fragrance that used performing (back in the early 90's) as an aromatic dust of mild-talky amber slightly rooty, decidedly musky, spicy, herbal-aromatic and orangy. The presence of lavender, anice and aromatic-green notes used to provide a sort of sparkling-fresh beat to the long wake. Several woody patterns impressed woody final stableness and powdery mildness while cedar and woodsy notes performed a musky dusty (talky-powdery) boise long trail. IL has been (back "at my times") a cult one perfect for clubbing. A really appealing concoction.

My first impression was also that it seemed similar to Egoiste (not Egoiste Platinum), but after I wore it a couple more times I was able to appreciate its subtleties (which Egoiste does not have), and I no longer would say that these two are especially similar. IL is a great blend of quite a few notes (ones that you would think would not "get along" well with each other), which in my experience is not very easy to achieve. It's not too sweet, too dry, too anything. The dynamism is very good, with different notes making an appearance now and then to keep things interesting. Sillage and longevity are very good too. I suspect that it got discontinued because it's not really a "mainstream"' type of composition. Instead, things seem to be going in the direction of fragrances that are either unique, blunt, and perhaps obnoxious, like A*Men, or simple, bland, and generic. IL is for the aficionado who seeks a unique blend of natural smelling ingredients without any "drama." Here are the notes from the Estonian site:Anise, artemesia, basil, bergamot, lavender, neroli.Aldehydes, clary sage, coriander, geranium.Amber, cedar, leather, moss, musk, vetiver

Basically, IL by Lancetti and Egoiste by Chanel are more or less same to me. There are some nice memories linking me to IL and I will put thumbs up, but actually I am not so fond of this kind of scents.What is my impression then?If I would describe weather this scent remids me of – it is hot weather. Very hot. And humid, too. Therefore I could've never wore this scent in late spring/summer/early fall.If I would describe what occasion this scent reminds me of – it is night club. Very hot and crowded night club.Notes? Sweetness is excessive, but you can feel some herbal (maybe fruit?) notes in there. Reminds me of some Turkish delight in liquid form. Longevity is great, sillage is good if not great.I somehow do feel sorry for it's discontinuitment.

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